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Sync vs Aysnc, Striking The Right Balance On Your Distributed Team

Asynchronous communication is a hot topic in the remote work world, and at the core of most successful distributed teams’ communication stack.

But converting from a synchronous environment to an asynchronous one, doesn’t happen overnight. It also comes with its own unique set of challenges, even once fully implemented. At the same time, there remains a place for synchronous communication, and finding the right balance between the two is where the magic happens.

Join Chase as he takes you inside Doist and how they manage to infuse a bit of synchronous communication into a team culture that leans heavily on async for the majority of their work.

Moderator: Chase Warrington, Head of Business Development @ Doist

Chase Warrington is the Head of Business Development at Doist, a remote-first team with 85 employees in 30+ countries. He is also a regular contributor to many of the leading remote-work courses, conferences, and publications, as well as the host of his new podcast, About Abroad. Having worked remotely since 2009, and managed teams spanning all timezones, he is passionate about making remote work, work.



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25—26 April 2023 | Lisbon, PT
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