Running Remote Community

Learn, connect and get support from other founders & executives

Running Remote Community is a membership for leaders building & scaling their distributed companies while getting the support they need, when they need it.

There are three types of people that join

Remote-first Founders, CEOs & COOs

People who actively run remote operations for their established companies of min 5+ employees. Whether you’ve been remote-first from the start or just transitioning now it’s a place for you. Founders who are scaling & building their business and need help with remote management.

People Ops Executives for remote-first companies

Executives who “design work” to enable employees to bring their best to the job every day. They are pro-actively involved in shaping strategic decisions around work by understanding high-level business objectives and crucial aims for remote-first companies.

Workspace Experience experts / Heads of Remote

Executives who are focused on making flexible work as easy and rewarding as possible for the company’s employees. People who serve as a cross-functional internal consultant to evolve key pillars e.g. L&D, knowledge management, and onboarding so that each function becomes more effective in a distributed setting.

Join a network of remote-first founders 
& executives

Every member of our diverse community has been in your shoes. They’ve built remote companies like HotJar, Toggl, Zillow, and Gitlab. They understand the struggle of building and running a remote-first company.

Ilma Tiki
Co-founder & President
Ruxandra Cord
Holly May
Former Chief People Officer
Jenny He
Founder & CEO
Corina Kolbe
Vice President of Talent Success
Allison Vendt
Global Head of Virtual First
Ryan Anderson
VP of Global Research & Insights
Joana Pais Afonso
Manager | Business Consulting | Human Capital
Christophe Pasquier
Annie Dean
VP of Team Anywhere
Brian Elliott
Head of Future Forum & SVP
Kaylie Boogaerts
Director of People
Chase Warrington
Head of Operations
Ken Weary
Sara Sutton
Founder & CEO
Darren Murph
Head of Technology Strategy Communications
Morgan Legge
Head of Organizational Change
Sacha Connor
Founder & CEO

Continuously level up and & find solutions to common challenges distributed teams face

Establish strong remote culture

Learn how to cultivate a thriving distributed company culture that helps employees stay connected and fosters the communication that builds trust. Help employees feel seen, even as they work remotely.

Learn how to collaborate across time zones

Find ways to optimize the company’s structure and operations to better align with the demands of diverse teams working across time zones. Learn relevant tools & best practices.

Build rapport amongst colleagues

Get insights on team camaraderie & learn how to make sure people feel a sense of respect and appreciation. Develop processes and platforms for scalable connections.

Change management

Navigate changes in distributed settings. Find out how others transitioned from office-base to remote-first companies and avoid mistakes they’ve made.


Join a community that has your back whenever you need

Slack workplace

Get access to a community of remote-first leaders for immediate support & first-hand advice


Get tailored connections with other members of the community based on your unique challenges


Participate in curated peer-to-peer masterminds to help you resolve challenges & achieve goals

FREE Ticket / Livestream

Get a comp 2-day ticket to the live Running Remote conference in 2025 (applies to PRO membership) and / or free full livestream pass (applies to both membership types).

Ask Me Anything sessions

Join Ask Me Anything events with industry experts & ask your burning questions live

Knowledge Base

Get access to an ever-growing curated library of advice, insights & remote tools shared by other members

Office hours

Week-long async AMA with senior, experienced remote-first founders & leaders in our Slack workspace

Actionable, now

A highly interactive deep-dive workshops into practical tips, concrete tools, frameworks, methods, and strategies to solve common challenges remote companies face

From URL to IRL

Want a sneak peek?

Every 3 months, we bring in an expert to dive into advanced topics that you can’t find anywhere else. This is your ticket into a conversation with some of the most successful remote-first founders and executives. Previous speakers include:
  • Darren Murph, Head of Remote @ GitLab
  • Job van der Voort, CEO @
  • Ken Weary, COO @HotJar
  • Sara Sutton, Founder & CEO at FlexJobs
  • Tara Vasdani, Founder & Principal Lawyer @ Remote Law Canada

See upcoming events below. Join yourself or invite your team as some of these events are open to the public.

Upcoming community events


Peer-to-peer Masterminds

Navigate your challenges supported by intimate masterminds with trusted peers

Regular & structured sessions

We work together during a monthly live video group coaching session with the structure and focus you need to resolve your challenges

Private channel

A private Slack channel gives members always-on support and an easy way to keep up the momentum created together during live sessions

First-hand advice​

Get practical tips and guidelines in a safe environment from individuals who’ve been there

Rigorous application​

We invest a lot of effort in carefully curating each cohort to make sure you level-up

Learn how to build and scale your distributed company

From building remote hiring, communication and collaboration, team engagement through to remote tools & payroll, you’ll find over 200 advice & recommendations by the likes of HotJar, Doist, MURAL & more in our growing Notion library.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Measuring remote team performance
    Practical tips for successful communication
  • Virtual team bonding activities
  • How to translate your culture to remote
  • Remote retreats – lessons learnt
  • How do you compensate your remote team

Are you a remote work consultant?

As part of the Running Remote Community Knowledge Base we created a Remote Work Consultants Directory. The consultants in our directory address these pain points:

  • Helping companies transition to a remote-first model
  • Filling roles of a fractional Head of Remote
  • Assisting with with creating connection and cultivating culture

This list of remote consultants & coaches is constantly growing.

Want to be added to the list? Join the paid community. Apply now.

Apply for our community today

If you’re a founder, CEO, Head of Remote, or People Ops executive at a remote company, apply today.

Access to Running Remote Community is $490/year and includes a free ticket to the Running Remote conference.

No payment will be asked of you until your application has been approved.

Choose a subscription plan

/ year
/ year

*We only accept founders, CEOs, COOs, People Ops executives and Heads of Remote at distributed companies to the community.
  No payment will be asked of you until your application has been approved.
  Ticket to the Running Remote conference is valued at $990.


Running Remote Community is for founders & executives (i.e. C-level executives, HR and People Ops professionals, Heads of Remote) who are actively running and leading remote-first (or hybrid) companies with over 10 employees.

The community is not intended for non executive managers, junior employees, marketing, consultants, coaches & sales professionals, and companies with less than 10 employees (whether that be contractors or full-time employees).

We are vetting every application to ensure high-quality connections and opportunities. To apply, we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to understand your unique challenges and expectations. We’re reviewing applications on a weekly basis, so expect an answer from us within 5 working days.

Once accepted, we will send you a link to pay for your membership so that you can get access to our Slack workspace and other resources and we can begin the onboarding process.

We understand that your time is valuable, so it is absolutely up to you how much time you’ll spend in the community.

However, we have consistently seen that you get out what you put in: Often, the biggest contributors are the biggest beneficiaries.

The feedback we consistently receive is how much our remote leaders appreciate the true unity and collaboration within our community. They also especially love getting together at our annual Running Remote conferences, as it feels like a face-to-face reunion of people they’ve gotten to know so well online.

Given that the yearly membership includes a free ticket to the Running Remote conference, the community is priced to be accessible for remote leaders at $599 per year. We also offer a plan that does not include the Runinhg Remote conference ticket at USD399/y.

In order to maintain the quality of connections, opportunities, and information, all applications are thoroughly vetted and only founders & leaders of remote-first established companies are eligible to join. 

Trials make more sense with things like SaaS products, where once you’re in you get a general understanding of what a full commitment will look like and the capabilities that are available to you.

We work to make sure that the community stays a relationship-centric thought exchange and relationships cannot be built in a short month-long trial period.

However, while we do not offer trials, you have an option to sign you up for a free monthly community newsletter so that you can see what members are talking about and get a feeling what it’s like to be a member.

We value the time of our community members as well as the content that is distributed. Part of the vetting process is to make sure that people who join will actively contribute to the community, can relate to the caliber of what is discussed, and are not there purely to sell their own projects or perceive it as a great leads list.

Financial commitment is asked to support the effort from our team that goes into curating this community, organizing monthly events, peer-to-peer masterminds, personal introductions and more. We do provide a script to send to your employer if the Running Remote Community is something you’d like reimbursed as part of your education credits or benefits.

The PRO membership includes a free ticket to the Running Remote conference, making it a fantastic investment for a business into their remote work efforts.

While we cannot grant you SHRM credits for participating in the community, you can earn them by attending our Running Remote conference (for which you get a FREE ticket to with your yearly membership). Earn 1 credit per 1 hour of conference learning time.

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