Running Remote 2019 Highlights

June 29th, 2019
 to June 30th, 2019

Running Remote 2019 was held on June 29-30, 2019 at beautiful Sofitel Hotel in Nusa Dua, Bali, a magnificent beach venue.

With over 400 attendees and 28 speakers, Running Remote is the largest-ever conference on distributed teams and remote work.

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Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

A fine blend of French elegance and unique Balinese culture.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua, is a lavish 5-star beachfront resort with gorgeously landscaped pools & gardens against an immaculate stretch of white sand bordering the Indian Ocean.



09:20  –  

How To Manage Remote Engineering Teams for Scale

Andreas Klinger, previously CTO of Product Hunt and currently Head of Remote HR at Angel List is going to give us a tactic heavy presentation on building an engineering team remotely.

In his position at Product Hunt Andreas led the development team and he’s going to bring you through how he grew that team, what he learned from other startups and the framework you will need to do the same inside your own companies

10:00  –  

Company Structuring & Decentralized Finance Workshop

This presentation covers how to structure your legal entity, banking and personal residency to achieve privacy, more freedom, and more wealth through legal tax minimization using a 50-year-old strategy known as flagtheory.
10:40  –  

How To Collaborate Visually Within Remote Teams

Mariano, the CEO and Founder of MURAL is going to be speaking on how to collaborate visually within remote teams.
One of the biggest supposed barriers towards remote work is the lack of real time collaboration and the difficulty of communicating visual concepts.
Mariano and MURAL help solve this problem with a proven framework to build a collaborative virtual space to communicate ideas efficiently.
12:40  –  

Simplifying The Bureaucracy Of Hiring International Remote Workers

Being able to hire talent from all over the world can be a huge competitive advantage when growing your business. But sometimes it feels like finding great people is the easy part, hiring them is when it gets complicated. Wouldn’t it be nice to focus on growing your team without worrying about contracts and regulations and social security and foreign exchange?
We’ve employed hundreds of workers all over the world and we’ve learnt a lot that we want to share.
This workshop will go deep on practical steps for how to hire, employ, compensate, manage and terminate workers compliantly in any country. You will walk away with actions that you can apply straight away in your business.
13:20  –  

Distributed And Connected: How Shopify Built Their Global Team In Communities Around The World

As the director of support at Shopify, Marcie Murray has built one of the biggest distributed support teams in a span of only 4 years.
From her experience managing thousands of completely remote support representatives, she will share how to tap into a global talent pool to build a stellar support team.
14:00  –  

Remote Business Models: How Workers And Companies Can Benefit From A Remote Structure

Remote work structures benefit both companies and workers. In this presentation, 1Office founder and CEO Ragnar Everest will explain the different types of remote business models that are applicable to workers and companies, and will share the specific advantages and disadvantages to each.
You’ll hear about various programs like the E-Residency program, and a step-by-step process that you can easily follow to set yourself up as a remote structure. This presentation is applicable to both leaders in remote-compatible companies and to worker.
16:40  –  

How Remote Work Is Building the Hyperloop

Can remote work even apply to brick and mortar companies?
Illays Vali is the CEO and Founder of RLoop the leading firm in charge of the HyperLoop project who crowdsources a large community of volunteers and employees to build the first Hyperloop system.
Ilyas will bring us through his journey of integrating remote work into a project that classically isn’t applicable to remote work.


09:00  –  

How Hotjar Grew From $0 to +$20m In ARR In Less Than 4 Years Using A Fully Remote Team

Ken Weary, VP of Operations at Hotjar will bring you through how the company grew from $0 to more than $20M in ARR in less than 4 years using a completely remote team. Ken will discuss why remote first was the easy decision for Hotjar, and, using examples of where they’ve failed and succeeded, detail how they mitigate the commonly cited drawbacks of remote work such as over/under communication, loneliness, and accountability.

09:40  –  

How To Manage A Community Of Tens Of Millions With A Fully Remote Team Of Under Fifty

Discover how Dribbble has become the premier portfolio network, the go-to resource for discovering and connecting with creative talent around the globe, and an inspiration destination for tens of millions of people… all managed by a remote team of under 50 people. Dribbble CEO, Zack Onisko will show you how Dribbble has built a wildly successful and profitable business, doubling revenue year over year – by breaking the rules of Silicon Valley – By not raising venture capital, having too many revenue streams, and having a team not based in the Bay Area – but fully remote across North America. Zack will share some lessons learned that he’s picked up along the way.

10:20  –  

The Impact Of Coworking Spaces On Communities And The Remote Work Industry

Will coworking be the new cloud servers of physical space? With companies like WeWork going public and coworking spaces popping up all over the world we’re looking at where coworking is going as it applies to remote work and how the coworking industry could be the last major piece to see wide adoption of remote work in both urban and rural areas.

12:20  –  

Audience Q&A: Remote Work Challenges

Audience Q&A

Remote Work Challenges

All your burning questions answered!

13:00  –  

e-Residency In Estonia: Borderless Business Discussion

Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity that empowers global entrepreneurs and borderless businesses. In this session attendees will learn how to establish and manage a location-independent company in Estonia entirely online. Attendees will hear from an official representative of the e-Residency programme, and from two entrepreneurs who running their companies and managing remote teams as e-residents.

Alex Wellman

Alex Wellman

Marketing and Communications Team Lead
Republic of Estonia e-Residency
14:00  –  

Culture Isn’t Just Something That Happens: How To Scale Your Remote Team While Staying Aligned To Your Values

In this session attendees will learn how to create a culture that allows you to grow and scale your remote team from day one. Shared culture is the primary thing that binds a remote team together and guides what they value. However, defining that culture on day one is challenging. But the alternative creates friction for the team down the line and aggravates challenges that a remote team already faces. In this talk, you’ll learn how to create a Minimum Viable Culture from Day One and then evolve that as you build your team and grow your business.

14:40  –  

Do It, Document It, Delegate It: How Yo Build Processes To Scale Your Team

Jonathan is the CMO of Trainual, one of the fastest growing process documentation platforms in the world. Jonathan has also been an outdoor athlete his entire professional career and has become an expert at leading teams and managing processes from the boulders to the boardroom. Attendees will learn how Jonathan and Trainual infused their own experiences with growing a hybrid team into their process documentation and created a methodology that you can use to align and scale your own remote team.

16:20  –  

Virtual Power Teams: How To Deliver Projects Quicker, Reduce Cost And Develop Your Organization For The Future!

Nowadays many successful Managers and Entrepreneurs lead a Team spread in different locations. The possibilities for physical meeting or face-to-face conversation in such teams are strongly limited. Often when a Projects team is dispersed they suffer delays and sometimes complete failure. International investments are put at risk due to intercultural issues or simply because the team members feel isolated and unmotivated. In this presentation, Peter will present how to address these issues by creating a Virtual Power Team.

17:00  –  

One Size Does Not Fit All: Approaches To Communication And Culture At Doist And Help Scout

The debate between asynchronous and synchronous communication has been a recent issue that most advanced remote first companies have been debating. Do you have an always on fast communication that companies like Slack and Zoom have in part created or do you have a more asynchronous communication style where people can embrace deep work at the expense of speed. In this discussion, Amir Salihefendic, CEO and founder from Doist, and Nick Francis, CEO and founder of Helpscout are going to debate this issue and other issues and discuss their different approaches to building their equally successful remote teams.

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