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Every member of our diverse community has been in your shoes. They’ve built remote companies like TaxJar, HelpScout, Insured Nomads, Time Doctor, and Forshay, MURAL. They understand the struggle of building and running a remote-first company.

Head of Remote | Doist

Director of Culture and Innovation | TaxJar

Head of Remote | GitLab

Dir. Talent Acquisition | Help Scout

Founder & CEO | Inde.co

Head of Sales and Success | Convert.com

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Get access to a community of remote-first leaders for immediate support & first-hand advice

Participate in curated peer-to-peer masterminds to help you resolve challenges & achieve goals

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Enjoy connections with other members of the community tailored to you and your unique challenges

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At the heart of the Running Remote community is our Slack workspace for remote-first founders. That’s where:

Learn how to build and scale your remote company

From building remote hiring, communication and collaboration, through to tax and payroll, you’ll find over 200 great talks in our library by the likes of Zapier, Automattic, and Basecamp in our growing library.

Join monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions & ask your burning questions live

Every month, we bring in an expert to dive into advanced topics that you can’t find anywhere else. Join yourself or invite your team as these events are open to the public.

Here is what's in store for the coming months:

Managing 100+ Employees Across All Timezones

29 October (Fri), 9:00 AM EST
Head of Remote at Doist

Executive Hiring For Remote Teams, Inclusion & Diversity

18 November (Thu), 12:00 PM EST
CEO & Founder at Forshay

Culture Is More Than Quiz Nights

16 December (Thu), 9:00 AM EST
CEO at Remote

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Running Remote Community is $99/m (on sale for $49/m until Nov 1). We’re vetting all applications and only accept founders & leaders of remote-first established companies.

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Liam Martin


Egor Borushko

Co-Founder & Producer

Anna Usova

Head of Partnerships

Kasia Triantafelo

Head of Community


Running Remote Community is for founders & executives (i.e. C-level executives, HR and People Ops professionals, Heads of Remote) who are actively running and leading remote-first (or hybrid) companies with over 5 employees.

The community is not intended for non executive managers, junior employees, marketing & sales professionals, remote work consultants and companies with less than 5 employees (whether that be contractors or full-time employees).

We are vetting every application to ensure high-quality connections and opportunities. To apply we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire to understand your unique challenges and expectations. We’re reviewing applications on a weekly basis so expect an answer from us within 5 working days. Once accepted, we will send you a link to pay for your membership so that you can get access to our Slack workspace and other resources and we can begin the onboarding process.

The membership is $99/m (on sale for $49/m until Nov 1) and we require min 4 months commitment (then cancel any time). It includes access to Slack workspace for remote-first founders, access to a library of resources, members directory, upcoming events (including AMA sessions, networking events, masterminds) as well as a 50% discount to live Running Remote conference.

It’s absolutely up to you how much time you’ll spend in the community. Nothing is mandatory, however, you get out what you put in: often, the biggest contributors are the biggest beneficiaries.

Depending on your schedule and interest you could:

  • Join our AMA sessions, networking events
  • Contribute in Slack (and ask for advice in return)
  • Participate in the mastermind

👉 Still, looking for answers? Drop us a message and we will get back to you.