Connect & Inspire: Elevate Your Teams, One Connection at a Time

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Every 3 months
45 min

What to expect

Join us for an immersive 45-minute social event, bringing the Running Remote community together in a unique blend of networking, inspiration, and delightful surprises. Our quarterly get-together promises an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, leaving you engaged, meaningfully connected and excited.

What you will learn:

  • Networking: Kick off the event by meeting fellow community members through personalized 1:1 intros, fostering connections from the start.

  • Surprise Team Building Activity: Brace yourself for a team-building experience like no other. Nini Fritz, the ingenious mind behind weaving connections stronger than wifi, will unveil her best techniques and tricks, one at a time.
Learn how to connect with your fellow community members and seamlessly incorporate these strategies into your own remote team gatherings—whether it’s retreats, meetings, parties, and more.
Let’s collectively build connections that transcend the virtual world! You have nothing to lose but 45 minutes and everything to gain—quality connections, laughter, and community bonds.
Nini Fritz
Founder at The Work Happpiness Project
About the expert

Nini is the founder of the Remote Team building company “The Work Happiness Project.” Her mission is to humanise the digital work environment and boost remote team bonds by bringing more meaningful connections and personal fulfilment to the virtual office.

She helped remote teams such as Meta, Google, DELL, Doist, Hubspot etc. to build up a positive and uplifting remote culture across borders and live their most fulfilling Bucket List lives. 

This event is for the Running Remote Community members only

Running Remote Community is a membership for remote-first leaders building & scaling their companies while getting the support they need, when they need it.

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