Remote AID Highlights

April 20th, 2020

Telecommuting during coronavirus? Remote AID is for you.

Remote AID 2020

Helping You Get Through Remote Work Challenges

We believe in the power of remote work, and as the long time practitioners in this field, we have assembled a free charity event for companies and remote employees, who are struggling with emergency work from home practices. Remote Aid 2020 is a one day online event, which will take you through the most important areas of managing your distributed teams. Today remote work is no longer a perk, it is a necessity. To get it right, CEOs, managers and employees need to be educated.

Remote Aid 2020 will be attended by renowned speakers and experts, all of whom are donating their time to deliver unparalleled content on building and scaling remote companies.

Who Spoke At Remote AID 2020?



10:00  –  

Proven, Practical Advice To Steer Your Teams Through The COVID-19 Crisis And Come Out Ahead

Our world has suddenly changed. We’ve all been forced to adapt and navigate our teams through challenging business and personal times.
In this session, Eran Zinman, Co-Founder & CTO at, will share practical and proven advice gleaned from 100,000+ organizations that are currently working remotely.
Topics he’ll cover include how to —

  • Boost inclusion and transparency
  • Drive ownership
  • Stay focused on the things that move the needle
  • Keep organizational alignment
  • Execute with speed and agility

He’ll also present the market’s first WFH survey conducted post the COVID-19 outbreak, and best practices for remote working, including efficient collaboration across teams, progress tracking, and how to turn video chats into action.
Join Eran’s session to lead your business through the crises, and come out ahead once all this uncertainty passes.

10:40  –  

Selling In A Crisis

Everyone is panicking. And with good reason. So how can your team keep selling to customers without being perceived as insensitive or out of touch with current events?

In this keynote and live Q&A CEO and founder of Close, Steli Efti, addresses exactly how newly remote sales teams can navigate through a pandemic, help solve their prospects’ problems and continue to do great work.

11:20  –  

Fireside Chat With Micha Kaufman – Interviewed By Noah Kagan

Fireside chat with Micha Kaufman, CEO & Co-founder of Fiverr.
Interviewed by Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at and

12:00  –  

Fireside Chat With DHH – Interviewed By Andreas Klinger

David Heinemeier Hansson, popularly known as DHH is the CTO of Basecamp, co-author of 4 books, and the creator of the open-source Ruby on Rails framework.
In this fireside chat, Andreas will interview DHH. Submit your questions and get answers first hand from DHH.

12:40  –  

Async Communication For Remote Teams

Doist has been operational for more than 10 years now, having nearly 70+ people in about 25+ different countries.
In his talk, Amir, CEO of Doist, will cover the importance of asynchronous communication in remote teams.

13:20  –  

How To Energize Remote Teams

Teams that were forced to work from home due to the current situation, feel disconnected and isolated, making their high energy vanish overnight.
In this talk, Ryan explains how there’s more to remote team engagement than Zoom happy hours.
For more than a decade, they’ve innovated constantly to energize their teams of developers from 50+ countries, keeping them engaged, productive and moving forward together.

14:40  –  

Protecting Your Mental Health As A Remote Professional

Isolation, drooping motivation, the lure of multitasking, and, oh yes, the challenge of working while homeschooling quarantined children…. The abrupt changes to our work lives can leave even the most motivated professional a bit frayed around the edges.

In this candid conversation, Sherry, the clinical psychologist, and Rob, the serial entrepreneur, will talk through simple strategies to help you protect your mental health while working from home.

15:20  –  

The Suddenly Distributed Workforce: Taso Du Val, CEO Of Toptal – Interviewed By Paul Estes, Editor-in-Chief Of

We blinked and suddenly what we had been calling ‘the future of work’ became the reality of now.
Join us for a conversation with Taso Du Val, CEO of Toptal. For over a decade, Toptal has thrived as the world’s largest distributed workforce.

Taso will share insights into how he leads a fully remote company, how to foster an environment built of trust and accountability, and how using the right software and tools increases productivity within a fully remote workforce.

16:00  –  

The Benefits Of Leveraging Local Communities In Remote Work

Panel Discussion: The Benefits of Leveraging Local Communities in Remote Work.

Remote doesn’t necessarily mean ‘removed’… Learn from these remote work experts who have discovered the benefits of looking to their local communities to develop and grow their businesses.

16:40  –  

Communication In Remote Teams

With remote the new normal, communication among remote teams will make the difference between those that win and those who struggle.
This session will help you learn —

  • How best to communicate in a remote model
  • How managers need to adapt
  • How not to let COVID-19 tarnish the upside of working remotely

We’re here to help you gain the skills and avoid the pitfalls of communication in a remote workforce.

17:20  –  

How You (Yes, You!) Can Help Rebuild Economies

The Covid-19 pandemic is a massive disruption to global economies – and will continue to be so for a while. Returning to whatever is the ‘new normal’ will be slow and gradual.
These are stressful times, even for people who routinely “work from home”. Of course, health of yourself/family/friends is a big concern. Even if all are healthy, there are other worries. Businesses are laying off and closing down at levels not see in ~100 years. Even if your business survives, will your clients? Will you still have a job? Are you dealing with children suddenly home with no childcare / schools / universities – and often, no playing outside for weeks.
This is an inflection point for society. The business landscape “after” covid-19 will be different. What you did before may no longer apply. At the same time, things that were impossible before may now suddenly be possible.
If you are experienced working in physically distributed teams, you have a skill that many others suddenly need. Badly.
Learn how you can “do the most good for the most people”. While also learning new skills, helping revive your local economy and maybe, just maybe, finding new opportunities or new career focus as we emerge from this pandemic.


10:00  –  

Effective Communication In Remote Agile Organizations

In this talk, Molood Ceccarelli, Founder & CEO of Remote Forever, will challenge some of your assumptions about agility and remote work and will inspire you to improve your mindset about how you communicate and collaborate remotely while building an agile yet resilient business.

10:40  –  

Rapid Remote – Leader Preparation Plan

For leaders and managers within companies that are new to working remotely, the most important step is to create a few virtual leadership principles and communication norms.
Participants of this session with Sacha Connor, Founder and Lead Consultant at Virtual Work Insider, will come away with —

  • Understanding important virtual leadership concepts like Distance Bias
  • Awareness of the 4 must-have skill areas to be an effective virtual leader
  • Actionable tactics and frameworks to start creating the virtual leadership principles
  • Communication norms to roll out within their company or team.
11:20  –  

Remote Meeting Dos And Don’ts – 10 Years Of Remote Leadership Lessons Learned…. And Margaritas

In this interactive session Dave Macleod, CEO of, will be sharing lessons learned from a decade of running remote meetings and making decisions with people all over the world.
Rather than just present on the topic, during this session everyone will participate in sharing ideas and learning from one another.

12:40  –  

Meeting Productivity For Remote Teams

Meeting productivity for remote teams: A session with Christopher Finneral, Co-founder and CEO of SketchDeck.

13:20  –  

Companies Who Embrace Remote Work Will Replace Every Company Who Doesn’t!

Companies who adopted technology 20 years ago replaced every company that didn’t. Companies who adopt remote working will replace every company who doesn’t in 20 years. Chris Herd, Founder & CEO of Firstbase, thinks that the reason is incredibly simple: talent and efficiency.

14:40  –  

Herding Pink Elephants: Using Remote Work To Overcome Your Barriers To Creativity And Change

Everyone just found out that suddenly moving your entire team to remote work exposes all your organizational sins. Problems with leadership, trust, process, infrastructure and more have suddenly come rushing to the surface.
But the reality is those problems have always been there but we have been able to hide or overlook them since we were all in person.
In this keynote, Stephen Gates will have an honest conversation about —

  • The challenges he sees in most companies
  • The real problems that cause them
  • The solutions he has implemented as the Head Design Evangelist at InVision, which is a 100% remote company, working to elevate the impact of design with companies of all sizes and maturity levels all over the world.
15:20  –  

Building A Remote-First Mindset

With the right processes and practices in place, remote work can be even more productive than working in an office.
In the session with David Hassell, CEO at 15Five, we’ll be covering —

  • How to switch to a “Remote Mindset,”
  • Tools that can maintain visibility across all levels of the company and keep employees socially connected
  • Best management practices for leading a remote team,
  • Individual work practices to keep everyone aligned, on task, and feeling empowered to make key decisions without constantly checking-in.
16:00  –  

How To Stay Healthy, Keep Focus And 5x Your Productivity While Working From Home

Working from home in these challenging times is challenging and can decrease our productivity, In this talk, Gonçalo Hall, Founder & Remote Work Evangelist at Remote Work Movement, will teach all the tricks to increase your productivity while staying healthy and energetic.

16:40  –  

Preparing For The Return To Work Wave

Almost overnight, companies across the globe were required to fundamentally shift how they work, creating the largest work-from-home event ever. This shared experience has offered its own sets of challenges and benefits and will forever change the working world.
When the Return to Work wave officially begins, some employees will run back to the office, while others may be more cautious. Many will prefer to keep the flexibility of remote work.
This talk of Karen Rubin, Chief Revenue Officer at Owl Labs, will discuss —

  • How to create a successful work-from-anywhere workforce
  • Restoring productivity and boost morale with speed
  • How businesses can be better prepared both today and for the future.
17:20  –  

How To Manage A Distributed Team?

Learn essentials that every manager should know about leading distributed teams on this session with Iwo Szapar, Remote Work Advocate & Co-founder of Remote How!

  • What is the difference between a “remote” & “office” management
  • What are the 5 things you need to address when starting to lead a distributed team
  • What are the 5 “quick wins” you can implement right away.


10:00  –  

Rethinking Hiring, Employment & People Ops In A Remote World

Whether remote-first, or emergency remote, recruiting and retaining the best people is key to ensuring your business survives, thrives and grows.
Dee Oakley, Co-Founder & CEO of Boundless, will take you through rethinking people ops in a remote world, building a high-quality remote recruitment and employer brand, and ensuring you insulate your team from the potential uncertainties of being distributed internationally.

10:40  –  

Translating Your Culture To Remote

Learn the best ways to translate and strengthen your culture when moving to remote on a session with Matt Davey, Chief Operations Optimist at 1Password.

11:20  –  

The New Way Of Working In The Multi-Experience Economy

The current pandemic has been pushing the limits of the unified communications experience as workforces move to be fully remote, effectively extending the limits of the office to be anywhere an employee is connected. As remote workforces expand, experience becomes even more important.
Hear Simon Harrison, SVP & CMO at Avaya, speak about this new way of working in a multi-experience economy and what it means for current and future remote workforce efforts.

12:40  –  

6 Tips To Maximize Productivity Working From Home

Working from home has its obvious perks: No commute. No weather delays. No chatty colleagues or micromanaging bosses patrolling the hallways. And let’s not even get into how amazing it is to work in sweats or pajamas.
But what many may not realize is that productivity can actually soar for remote employees who work from home.
The key to success when it comes to working from home, however, is making sure you establish and then maintain ways to be productive – even when life’s most tempting distractions come calling.
So here are 6 tips from Tricia Sciortino, CEO of Belay, on how to stay productive when working from home.

13:20  –  

First Communication, Then Collaboration

Out of 250 plus remote workers surveyed, 100% report that excellence in communication is critical for success in a remote or virtual context. When messages are clearly articulated using appropriate delivery channels, individuals and teams can more fully engage in working collaboratively.
Join the conversation with Roberta Sawatzky, Remote Work Advocate at Okanagan Business School, as we discuss how to grow our communication competencies in virtual contexts, and use those enhanced skills to increase the effectiveness of collaborative efforts.

14:40  –  

Remote Team Essentials: How to build process and documentation into your culture

A handbook-first approach to documentation is sneakily vital to a well-run business. While it feels skippable — inefficient, even — the outsized benefits of intentionally writing down and organizing process, culture, and solutions are staggering.
Conversely, avoiding structured documentation is the best way to install a low-level sense of chaos and confusion that hampers growth across the board. GitLab is intentional about documenting in a manner that creates a single source of truth.
Join Darren Murph, GitLab’s Head of Remote, to learn how to build this into the fabric of your organization.

15:20  –  

Legal Compliance When Hiring, Onboarding And Training Remote Teams

In this session, Tara Vasdani, Principal Lawyer & Founder at Remote Law Canada, will walk participants through the necessary legal and compliance documentation required when hiring, training and managing remote teams.
Tara will assist organizations with understanding their legal requirements when drafting effective Remote Work Employment Agreements, Remote Work Policies, Independent Contractor Agreements, Health & Safety Checklists, Tax Compliance, and Insurance.

16:40  –  

Communication And Compassion – What’s Needed In These Turbulent Times

What we’re doing now is not the normal ‘working from home’. We’re each trying to manage a household that is now at home (all the time) and deal with the stress of a global pandemic.
A better way to describe what we’re doing now would be: We’re doing the best that we can during a global crisis, and we happen to be at home. With our children, pets, and parents.
Join Lori McLeese, Global Head of Human Resources at Automattic/, as she shares what a normally distributed company is doing (and we’ve made changes) to help our team members thrive during the time of COVID-19.


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