Tony Jamous


Tony Jamous is the CEO and founder of Oyster, the company that believes anything is possible remotely. As a distributed talent enablement platform, Oyster are making remote work a reality for everyone . The new land of opportunity is anywhere with internet. Are you ready?

In 2010, Tony started Nexmo, API Platform for building communication applications. Nexmo grew rapidly to $100m in revenues in less than 5 years and eventually became public in 2016 after merging with Vonage (VG:Nasdaq). Nexmo hired people in over 50 countries. Delivering a great employee experience for all our distributed workforce was a major challenge. This has led him to appreciate the value of Oyster.

Tony is also a tech investor and you view his portfolio on crunchbase.

He is passionate about making an impact aligned with his values, and he believes anyone can achieve their full potential, regardless of where they are located.

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