Rowena Hennigan


Rowena Hennigan is a global expert in remote work & digital nomadism. A founder, speaker, professor and a globally acclaimed leader and a Linkedin Top Voice. She is a popular Linkedin Learning Instructor on the topics of staying productive when you travel and becoming a digital nomad. #WorkIsNotAPlace – this is Rowena’s motto and her trending hashtag.

Originally from Galway, Ireland, she is now based in Zaragoza, Spain, regularly mixing remote work and travel with her location-independent family. Rowena advocates for life-work balance, advised by her lived experience of moving countries due to her daughter’s ill health. Using her wealth of personal experience in remote work to educate both companies and workers on skills for an effective and positive nomadic experience, she delivers consultancy and training via her brand “RoRemote”.

Regularly featured in international media, including the NY Times, she was named in the Top 10 Global Voices in Remote Work by Linkedin News in both 2021 and 2022. Also in the Top 25 list of Remote Work influencers by in 2021 and 2022. Rowena is an engaging keynote speaker both in live and virtual events: always using real-life experiences and practical exercises, her sessions are interactive, enticing and dynamic.

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