Jen Rhymer

Research Partner

Jen Rhymer is a Research Partner at The Work Innovation Lab by Asana where she engages with questions related to distributed organizations and the future of work. The Work Innovation Lab provides business leaders with actionable insights by connecting the challenges businesses are facing today with current and rigorous research.

In this role she is currently exploring the policies of hybrid companies. Jen is also a professor in the strategy and entrepreneurship group at the University College London (UCL) School of Management where she teaches in both the Entrepreneurship and Business and Sustainability masters programs. Her research is grounded in organizational design with a particular focus on the impact of emerging technologies and geography.

Some of her current projects include how to build and maintain connections among distributed employees as well as why the adoption of remote work is limited. Recently she published the paper, “Location Independent Organizations: Designing Collaboration across Space and Time”, which examines two patterns of asynchronous work and the corresponding enabling practices.

As an advocate for sustainable organizations, she has been invited to engage directly with various organizations, sharing her research and discussing specific challenges; she also is regularly an expert resource for future of work articles in outlets such as The New York Times, BBC News, and on NPR.

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