Howard Wu


Howard Wu is the CEO of Whereby, a company that operates without a traditional office, focusing instead on remote work. His journey into this role was shaped by significant experience at Myron+Adler, a family business where he helped transition the workforce from an in-office environment to remote and hybrid models. This initiative spanned across continents, affecting employees in North America, South America, and Europe.

Howard’s background also includes positions at Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, along with involvement in various startups. These roles have provided him with a broad view of the tech industry, from corporate structures to the dynamic world of startups.

At Whereby, Howard applies his experiences to promote the benefits of remote work, like flexibility and improved work-life balance, while ensuring that the team remains productive and united. His strategy emphasizes clear communication, trust, and the use of technology to maintain a strong team connection.

His career, marked by transitions from traditional business operations to forefront tech positions and advisory roles in startups, showcases a commitment to adapting and leading through change, particularly in the context of remote work.

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