Hilary Callaghan

Hilary Callaghan

Senior Technical Recruiter

HRebel founder Hilary Callaghan exists at the intersection of productivity, diversity, recruitment and hiring. Her background isn’t a linear story of X then Y; she has led a career that has seen her building teams and systems for Optus, HOOQ, GWA and dozens of other major companies and tech startups.

At HRebel, Hilary’s mission is to use her knowledge to create scalable strategies that can reimagine what it means to be an employer and an employee by designing tools that combine bottom line business outcomes with a truly people centric, inclusive DNA.

They aim to transform the way you manage and build your team, your productivity and the future of your culture, through a shared focus on storytelling and on people centred decision making and structures.

Hilary is also a Senior Tech Recruiter at Canva.

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