Gonzalo Aguero

Co-Founder & CEO

Gonzalo is an experienced HR executive with more than 10 years in the field, spanning multiple companies and industries. He is a proven global leader, having managed projects, teams, and organizations across countries, continents, and time zones. Such level of exposure has turned him into a transformations agent, with the ability to conceptualize different expressions of key problems, design innovative solutions, and work with people and teams to address them.

He is a firm believer in the principle that business execution comes down to people. And that only through committed and inspired people, innovation, efficiency, and success can be achieved. From an academic standpoint, he holds a Bachelor in Human Resources and post-grad studies in strategic leadership and talent management.

Worknmates is Gonzalo´s second start-up. Previously he had built an easy-to-use AI-based cloud platform to increase automatization of the end-to-end recruitment process.

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EXPERT session, 08 June

Catherine Nascon
Head of Global Compensation at Zapier
Build your first compensation strategy
In this interactive workshop Catherine will guide participants in creating their own compensation guiding principles & annual compensation cycle. She will share practical tips on market data and pay position and a template for creating a pay structure at your company.