Edmund J Lowell

Founder & CEO
@Flag Theory
Originally from the United States, graduating from Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts where he studied law, finance and technology, Edmund Lowell is a serial entrepreneur living in Asia since 2011, innovating at the crossroads of finance, technology and legal fields. Edmund has built a number of Fintech and RegTech products during this time including Flag TheoryIncorporations.io, KYC-Chain.com, Passports.io and SelfKey.org . The SelfKey software has processed KYC for over 500,000 identity owners and over USD$200m USD in transaction volume since Q4 2017.
At Flag Theory, we design and implement effective strategies for individuals and organizations to build their life, business and finances internationally and find more freedom and prosperity. We establish lasting relationships and provide our clients with the necessary tools to achieve individual autonomy, a superior quality of life and less dependence on any one system.
Edmund’s workshop will cover how to structure your legal entity, banking and personal residency to achieve privacy, more freedom, and more wealth through legal tax minimization using a 50-year-old strategy known as flagtheory.

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