Mastermind for People Ops

Date & time
TBD with participants
Frequency of sessions
1hr / session for 5-6 months

What are Running Remote Masterminds?

Running Remote Masterminds are regular, intimate, facilitated sessions with your peers – other Heads of Remote – and the structure & focus you need to resolve your challenges.

We will be meeting monthly with a group of your peers for a facilitated 1h session to share your challenges and get feedback from others. In each session one member of the group shares their challenges and gets support from others.

We believe learning is radically accelerated when it happens as part of an exceptional, diverse, values-aligned group of people. That’s why we invest a lot of effort in carefully curating each cohort.

What can you expect?

  • We will work together during a regular monthly live video group coaching session with the structure and focus you need to resolve your challenges

  • A private Slack channel gives members always-on support and an easy way to keep up the momentum created together during live sessions

  • Get practical tips and guidelines in a safe environment from individuals who’ve been there

  • We invest a lot of effort in carefully curating each cohort to make sure you level-up

This event is a series of events for the Running Remote Community

This workshop is open just for the Running Remote Community – a membership for remote-first leaders building & scaling their companies while getting the support they need, when they need it.

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EXPERT session, 08 June

Catherine Nascon
Head of Global Compensation at Zapier
The do’s and don’ts of creating a compensation strategy
In this interactive workshop Catherine will guide participants in creating their own compensation guiding principles & annual compensation cycle. She will share practical tips on market data and pay position and a template for creating a pay structure at your company.