Running Remote Online June 2020 Highlights

June 17th, 2020
 to June 18th, 2020

Running Remote Online was held on June 17-18, 2020. It was a free event for remote first founders.

Attendees were amazed by modern virtual event technology at Running Remote Online which was much more than a Zoom webinar, or a meet-up.

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08:30  –  

Aaron Ross, & Noah Kagan, AppSumo

In this fireside chat, two of the great sales and marketing minds come together for a 40 minute interview.
Noah Kagan will interview Aaron Ross and give insights from first hand experience on scaling a remote sales force.
And during this chat, you’ll be able to see the relationship that marketing and sales has within an organization.

09:20  –  

Audience Q&A: Solve Your Sales Prospects’ Problems

The days of Always Be Closing have long since passed. These days, sales people are more like consultants. They are constantly trying to help their prospects first, build an authentic relationship, and then make a sale.
Steli Efti is one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent sales experts and is the CEO of sales CRM Join him to learn how to sell during the pandemic, how he thinks sales will change moving forward and how to become a more consultative sales person so you can close more deals.
This audience Q&A will give you the opportunity to get specific advice from Steli on how he would approach selling your product or service.

10:10  –  

Remote Work – The Time Is Now!

Shaun talks about why they started their company to build communities of remote workers, that want to travel the world, and how they see opportunities for their people, and what companies can be thinking about as they explore this new world.

11:00  –  

Building Your All-Remote Company: Pitfalls And Advantages Of A Fully Remote Workforce

Fully remote workforces enjoy a host of advantages over traditional teams, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to build. Companies that switched to remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic should tread carefully before making the change permanent.
Join Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote and former VP of Product at GitLab, as he leads a panel discussion with some of the brightest minds at the forefront of the distributed workforce movement.
Learn how to scale your remote team, how to build a sustainable remote culture, and what to expect when you make the switch.
By the end of this discussion, you will have all the tools you need to lead your company into the remote-first future.

13:00  –  

The Advantage Of BPOs – CEO Roundtable

Moderated by: Derek Gallimore
BPO’s harness the power of a globalized workforce, offering highly skilled labor at a fraction of the cost whilst at the same time improving quality, productivity and processes.
This panel of BPO and outsourcing CEOs explore the benefits and opportunities for businesses as the world begins to embrace globalisation and remote work.

13:50  –  

Learn How To Adopt Remote In Marketing

Think remote is only for developers and contractors? Think again.
Learn how to adopt Remote in Marketing. Remote teams have transformed how marketing departments work, allowing companies to hire smarter to drive faster growth than ever before. We have seen companies fully embrace remote marketing teams, implement Agile Methodologies, and remote tools are now standard tools for the tech-savvy marketing organization.
Key Takeaways: Discover how to adopt remote operational systems and methodologies to drive marketing execution at an enterprise scale. Hear tips on how to manage, measure success, and effectively communicate the transition to remote to key stakeholders. See how remote will transform your marketing organization.
Intended Audience: Individuals in marketing that work with a remote team to get their jobs done. Marketing Executives who want to learn how remote can help them now. Stakeholders who oversee marketing teams. Marketing operations.


09:20  –  

Diversity, Humanity And Remote Teams: How Remote Work Will Increase Inclusion And Diversity

Every company wants to promote diversity and inclusion. Yet, companies do not yet understand the importance of making remote work a key part of their diversity and inclusion strategy.
We will be discussing the shift in the workspace and the importance of remote work in transitioning our society from an exclusive, isolating and cubicle work environment, to one that is open, remote and inclusive.
10:10  –  

Lessons Learned From Starting a Remote Startup

Are you part of a startup and would like insight into what has worked for someone else? Or do you have plans of starting one?
In this talk, Sarah will share her experience over the past three years as a co-founder and CTO at SafetyWing, with specific guidelines, tools and structures she and her team have built their company with.
SafetyWing has been fully remote since day one, and went through the startup accelerator Y Combinator in 2018. SafetyWing is building a global social safety net, and is currently offering health insurance for remote workers and teams.

11:00  –  

How To Get Funded As A Remote Company

Covid-19 has changed everything, especially the VC funding environment.
Learn from a top founder of leading remote focused startup & the founder of Remote First Investment Fund on what is happening and how to raise money during this challenging time (and whether they should). Also get their perspective and where things are going and what’s interesting for them.

13:00  –  

Winning The Talent War With Remote Working

Remote work is the new normal. Ongoing operations and future competitive advantage will go to those companies that leverage technology to enable flexible and remote work models. This can not only attract hard-to-find talent, but increase employee engagement and boost their productivity. Companies can dip into untapped pools of talent such as workers in remote locales, retirees, gig workers, and stay-at-home parents.
In this talk, Tim Minahan explains how to strategically create a world-class business model to offer and enable remote work, make employees happier and more productive, and attract and retain the talent you need to move your business forward.
He’ll also share insights on evolving remote work practices for the future, based on the experience of the COVID-19 crisis, including engagement, communications, security, leadership, and work/life balance.


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