Running Remote Online August 2020 Highlights

August 12th, 2020

Running Remote’s free online conference in August 2020 had over 2000 registrations. 

More than 600 new connections were made, helped people connect face-to-face forging meaningful bonds.


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AMA: How to Make Remote Team Payroll Seamless

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Join Sahin on August 12th 2020 at 07:10 ET for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Running Remote’s Virtual Conference. Sahin will be taking all your questions relating to:

  • Running payroll for remote teams Hiring independent contractors in different countries
  • Payments for remote companies
  • Compliance when it comes to hiring remote talent.

Do you have any other questions related to remote work outside these topics?
You’re welcome to join us and ask anything bothering you about remote work.
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How The “New Normal” Will Shape The Future Of People Ops And Remote Teams.

How the “new normal” will shape the future of People Ops and remote teams.

Jennifer Farris, Chief HR Offer @ Terminal, Ali Greene, Founder @ Cohana, Jutta Horstmann COO at Eyeo.
Moderated by: Sahin Boydas, CEO @ RemoteTeam


Hybrid Work – The Future Of Work?

The session will be about how work has progressed, how remote work has become indispensable in the current scenario and how this will evolve going forward.


Re-imagining The Future Of Work

Sally’s talk will help leaders and individuals navigate how to do their best work remotely (high autonomy, but can be low belonging/connectedness).
The two big challenges Sally sees in Forshay’s team and with her clients are

  1. Managing overwork (people can work anytime / all the time
  2. Feeling heard in teams (inclusion / diversity challenges).

Practical Tips for Successful Communication In A Remote Team

Throughout 20 years of running a remote team, Wildbit has experimented with 4-day workweeks, removing Slack, downsizing their Philadelphia office, and more.

In this talk, Natalie will share some practical communication techniques and habits that will make your remote team radically more productive, connected, and happy.


CWM: The Key To Thriving In The Next Normal

For most businesses, remote working is no longer an option, but a necessary means of respecting one anothers’ health and preventing the spread of COVID-19.
As we learn to adapt to these sudden and unprecedented changes – where some employees are working remote for the first time in their careers, how can organizations continue to thrive post-COVID? The need for powerful long-term working solutions has never been more relevant than now.
This talk will illustrate how an organization of over 1000 employees has successfully pivoted to working fully remote with CWM, and achieved continuous growth despite economic uncertainty.
Attendees will learn how to apply the same principles to ready themselves for the Next Normal, and stay prepared for what’s to come in the future.


Large Enterprises – The Reality Of Remote Work

The COVID-19 office shut-downs has accelerated remote work as a hot topic – not just for tech start-ups and SAAS companies, but also for large, more traditional enterprises. Prior to COVID, many large companies were already working virtually, but had not yet acknowledged it. Often these companies were made up of teams spread across office sites in different cities, states, and countries, mixed in with a minority of employees that were fully remote or had some part-time work-from-home flexibility. When COVID-19 hit many of these organizations had to start working fully remotely almost overnight and did not yet have the skills, tools, processes, and policies in place for any easy transition.
In this panel, Sacha Connor, the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, will interview 3 panelists from large enterprises that were ahead of the game. They started to put best practices into place to enable their teams work better across distance before COVID and are now working hard to enable their virtual teams for the long term.

Mardi Kaplan

Training and Development Manager
Toyota Financial Services (TFS)



How I Built And Hyper-scaled My Remote Team From 5 to 40 in 5 Months (with no VC money)

Ho Yin Cheung, CEO @ Remo will talk about how he built and hyper-scaled his remote team from 5 to 40 in 5 months, with no VC money!


Tools And Communication Tips When Working Remotely

In this presentation Khalid will share the tech stack that Stack Overflow uses to work remotely in order to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. He’ll also share communication tips for fostering collaboration, playing to your strengths, and protecting your work / life balance.


How Remote Work Is Helping Us To Rethink The Future Of Teams

Fireside chat with Kieran Flanagan, VP of Marketing @ Hubspot Interviewed by Paul Vallee, CEO @ Tehama

With the growth in popularity of remote work, it’s helping us to think about how teams can work more effectively.
From innovation around the tools we use, the organization of teams, how they collaborate, and what remote leadership is, remote work is helping us build the future of teams.
In this presentation, we’ll cover the key characteristics of great remote teams, and why all teams should adopt them.


The Future Of Video Communication

If you’re working remotely, there’s probably not a day that goes by without a video chat. Despite being a tool that has been readily available over the past decade, it has suddenly been thrust into the forefront of the remote work experience in an effort to keep teams connected.

So what caused this (outside of COVID-19)?

This session will explore how we got here, how the experience differs for social and work use, how …


The State Of Remote Work In A Post-COVID-19 World

A Global Work-from-Home Experience Survey fielded by Global Workplace Analytics and Iometrics in April of this year showed nearly 8 out of 10 employees want to continue to work from home post-COVID-19. On average, 2.5 days a week, was their preference.
In this session, Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics and one of the world’s leading authorities on the future of work, will share detailed insights from the survey about what’s working with remote work, what’s not, and her forecast for where it’s likely headed post-COVID.


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