8 Best Coworking Spaces in Philadelphia You Should Be Considering

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Philadelphia has been consistently ranked amongst the top innovation hotspots where many startups have prospered. 

Are you a freelancer seeking a productive independent workspace or a startup founder looking out to expand your team? The rise of remote working has contributed to the immense popularity of coworking spaces across the world where people from different walks of life work together. 

There was a time when you needed loads of capital to give flight to your business ideas. Today, you need nothing more than a smartphone to start your business. Your startup idea might find an investor as you collaborate and network with the right people while also expanding your team to develop your idea further. This is where coworking spaces can prove immensely beneficial; with entire communities backing them, the likelihood of meeting a mentor or teammate is much higher in these spaces than anywhere else.

That said, with so many options to choose from, picking up the right coworking space can be a daunting task indeed. However, we’ve done the hard work for you, shortlisting the most appealing of the coworking spaces in Philadelphia. Let’s see these one by one and know more about their offerings. 

The Yard

The Yard offers an incredible coworking space in the beautiful Steele building, itself a historic landmark in the city. The workspace is spread across 4 floors and you also get to enjoy spectacular views of the Center City while working here. 

A variety of membership plans are available to choose from. You can opt for the open coworking space and work on shared tables with the other members. The dedicated desk plan offers an individual desk for your use while the private office offers a private workspace. 

If you have a small team, you can go for the 2,3,4 or 6 desk private office spaces which are designed to encourage communication and teamwork. There’s also a virtual office plan that is best suited for those who do not need to access a coworking space on a daily basis. 

You can use the virtual office to get a business address along with limited conference room time each month. You will, however, still be entitled to all membership benefits offered through The Yard app. 

A great thing about The Yard is that the workspace features beautiful art installations that are rotated periodically. And yes, do not miss the amazing coffee and the curated events organized from time to time.  


CityCoHo is all about green coworking. Enjoy working at your green workspace with numerous choices from private offices and rooms to hot-desks. 

Guests can book any of the conference rooms based on real-time availability and manage their bookings conveniently online. There are also several member events including learning sessions and yoga. 

CityCoHo traces its origins to the year 2014 when Max Zahniser, a Sustainability professor, created CityCoHo Philly’s Nexus with the aim of propagating the environmental movement. The CityCoHo building is LEED gold certified.  

CityCoHo is essentially a community space that encourages collaboration and creativity in all aspects of work. 

Industrious Philadelphia

Industrious is a well-known network of coworking spaces in more than 45 cities across the nation. The company has three spaces for members to choose from in Philadelphia. Industrious Philadelphia aims to create the right coworking atmosphere for businesses of any scale, right from startups to Fortune 500 companies. 

The spaces are all move-in ready and are furnished with modern amenities. One of the great advantages of choosing a coworking space is that you have flexible lease terms to choose from. The workspaces can be customized to suit your needs and can scale up or down with time as per your requirements. 

The company encourages guests to schedule a tour to explore the infrastructure for themselves. Both community memberships and private office spaces are available. Many locations have on-site gyms in addition to restaurants and conference centers. 

Industrious also offers breakfast and snacks to its members. A number of networking events are organized from time to time, which are worth considering if you’re seeking opportunities for learning and collaboration. 

Industrious also features wellness rooms, mail handling, color printing facilities, and a lightning-fast WiFi connection. A great option overall if you’re seeking a comfortable and lively coworking space in a posh locality. 


Spaces features what it calls an ‘inspiring workspace’ in one of the most historical localities of the city. Conveniently situated, the coworking space offers access to downtown businesses. There are meeting rooms on-site which can be booked for conferences and presentations. 

Guests can benefit from the fast WiFi network and a host of networking events organized by the company. Spaces also features dedicated work desks for those who’d like to work out of a convenient desk earmarked for their individual use.

A number of membership plans are offered including the dedicated desk plan, coworking space access, and a private office space. The latter can be accessed 24 x 7 and comes with flexible lease terms. This is especially important to startups who, more often than not, would prefer to sign in a space that does not bind them for years on end considering the business uncertainties. 

Members are also provided access to the Business Club on-site which is a great space to meet new friends, mentors, and potential teammates. The spaces are all available full-time. 

The meeting rooms are equipped with state of the art audiovisual technology and come with a food and beverage service as well so you can be sure you leave a lasting impression on your clients and investors. 



THRIVE clearly indicates that it is not just another coworking space. It is dog-friendly and features affordable parking on-site. You can enjoy playing ping pong after a long day of work or chill out in the cafe. 

THRIVE also features event spaces which can be booked for workshops, for example. You get to work in modern sit/stand workspaces which have been ergonomically designed. 

THRIVE believes in professionalism and you’ll find every aspect of the workspace: from the chairs to the interiors optimized for maximal productivity. 

You can choose from a dedicated workstation or a team office which is perfect for small teams. Both plans come with complete access to all of the amenities at THRIVE.  


With 5 locations to choose from, WeWork Philadelphia is a great coworking option indeed. An international chain of coworking spaces, WeWork aims to foster closely-knit communities of creative professionals and entrepreneurs, helping them achieve great heights through collaboration. 

You’ll find here people from diverse industries: transportation, R&D, healthcare, and tech, to name just a few. WeWork’s workspaces closely resonate with the spirit of Philadelphia’s culture and constantly inspire members to innovate and push the limits. 

You can expect to relax at lounges tastefully decorated with artwork and work at hotdesks or private offices based on your specific requirements. There are phone booths on all floors for members to conveniently make calls. 

Business-class printing facilities are offered along with paper shredders and supplies. You could also access meeting rooms complete with whiteboards and projectors.

Guests are also treated to micro-roasted coffee and fruit infused water.  

Indy Hall

Indy Hall is one of the best-known coworking spaces in Philadelphia. In fact, it is among the oldest coworking spaces in the world with a rich history that goes back to 2006 when it was started by Co-founder Alex Hillman who got bored of working alone as a freelancer. 

The space echoes with inspiring stories of people who form a part of this vibrant community where every individual brings her unique skills to the table. Indy Hall recognizes the power of the community to bring about transformation. 

Indy Hall has flexible membership plans. You can choose from an online membership that provides access to the global network and community events or choose the basic plan which is perfect for those needing a casual coworking space once in a while. 

Another great thing about Indy Hall is that the membership plans are all on monthly subscription so you can cancel with ease without being bound to a long-term contract as is the case with many coworking spaces. You are also entitled for discounts if you choose a 6-month or 12-month prepayment mode. 

Kismet Cowork

Kismet Cowork is where great minds come together. The company aims to make coworking accessible to everyone. You’ll find freelancers, remote working professionals, solopreneurs, and startup founders all working under one roof. 

Flexible membership offers are available to suit your specific schedule. The community plan is perfect for those who prefer working in a shared workspace while the designated desk plan, though pricier, secures a dedicated desk for you to work with convenient storage facilities on-site. 

The workspaces have been designed to encourage privacy, productivity, and collaboration, all at the same time. The idea is to help you stay focused throughout the workday. Kismet also hosts interesting events in design, technology, and culture. 

Final Words

If you’ve been looking out for coworking spaces in Philadelphia, you should carefully consider all of the above options. Each of these coworking spaces has its own unique offerings. Some are pet-friendly while others are best suited for seamless conferences. 

Make sure you discuss your specific business requirements before you make the final decision. Enjoy coworking in a city that’s as vibrant and inspiring as its people!

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