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Premium office space in Los Angeles can be hard to find. And, when you find it, the price can be too high for your budget. If you are a freelancer or are just starting a business, there is another option to consider.


Coworking spaces are popping up all around Los Angeles. And this makes perfect sense as, according to some surveys, the number of workers using these spaces will almost double between 2017 and 2022. Coworking spaces offer amenities and space for you to work on your own or build your business. Here are fifteen coworking spaces in Los Angeles to help you get your work done. 



neuehouse coworking space la

NeueHouse in Hollywood is located in the original CBS Studios.


This building was built intentionally for broadcast and hosted many celebrities like Orson Wells, Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, and more. The Neuehouse offers different membership levels.


The Non-Resident Salon level offers global access to the communal spaces for four business days during the month. They have access after 5pm and on weekends to programming. Non-Resident Salon members may attend cultural programming events and book conference rooms.


The Gallery level offers members unlimited access to the Gallery floors and all communal social, work, and event spaces. Gallery members may attend all cultural events and book conference rooms. The Resident Atelier level offers Resident Atelier dedicated desks with storage for teams and individuals.


Resident Atelier members have access to all communal work and social space. They may attend all programming events and book conference rooms.


The Studio membership level includes walled offices for individuals and teams. Studio members also have access to all social spaces and communal work areas.


They can attend all programming events and book conference rooms. Studio members can also request phones and phone lines for their desks. Studio and Resident Atelier members can register a small dog that meets NeueHouse requirements to accompany them.


Amenities at NeueHouse include Wifi, printing and IT support, mail services, reception area, listening room, screening room, meeting room, private phone booths, in house production serve, happy your and cocktail programs, Aesop Apothecary, and more. 



kleverdog coworking space la

Kleverdog has colorful and bright open spaces for their members. There are different membership levels including Drop-in, Part-Time Flex, Full-Time Flex, Studio Desk, and Team Office.


Drop-in for the day during Kleverdog’s business hours, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm, and pick a flex desk out where you can connect to wifi and get your work done. Part-Time Flex membership let you work at Kleverdog ten days a month with 24/7 access to a flex desk.


This membership also includes two hours of conference room time per month. The Full-Time Flex membership gives you 24/7 access to a flex desk with a storage locker. This level gives you five hours of conference room time per month.


The Studio Desk membership gives you a dedicated desk with a large working area, tackable partition, and a locking file cabinet. This level of membership includes ten hours per month of conference room time and access to all the shared amenities.


The Team Office membership level lets your team have an office with a locking door, three desks with ergonomic chairs, cabinets, whiteboard wall, and task lamps. With these memberships comes the amenities that Kleverdog offers.


The amenities include projector and whiteboards, high speed wifi, bike racks, events, meetups, and socials, networked printer and scanner, kitchen use, library and lounge areas, and bike racks. You can schedule a tour during their operating hours to check out this fun space. 

 LAX Coworking

laxcoworkign space la

LAX Coworking is great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. There are two ways to access LAX Coworking. You can get a day pass which lets you have an open coworking desk, hi-speed wifi, on-site Co-perks, easy parking, and free coffee and tea.


If you want to have more access to LAX Coworking, you can become a member. Membership includes everything you receive with a day pass plus mail service, member discount mixers, networking and social events, honorary membership to the LAX Coastal Chamber, member discount private office and meeting room rentals, discount advertising, and a listing in the LAX Coastal business directory.


Amenities include $1 snack bark, friendly and supportive staff, mini pool table and office games, chalkboard walls and whiteboards, free Nootropics and energy drinks,kitchen access, Apple television, smart television, and available AV, leather office chairs, internal fitness challenges, business resources, happy hours, access to mentors, and more. LAX Coworking also has office rentals for up to 35 people.


They also offer Lunch and Learn programs that provide you with tools to assist in business development and general business knowledge. LAX Coworking was developed by LAX Coastal Chamber to help people get their business off the ground. 

The Collection

collection coworking space la

The Collection is a coworking space that focuses on private offices. There are also hot desks available. They have monthly lease terms for coworking options and shared space.


Their private offices can hold up to twelve people and you would have 24/7 access. With a monthly office will receive a dedicated suite number and company name. There is insulated drywall between offices which helps with noise reduction.


There is free printing and internet, privacy film on entry glass door and wall, complimentary coffees, cold brew coffee and tea on tap, desk, storage ped, smart wifi with conference camera, 4.4 cubic mini-refrigerator, white board, shelving, SONOS sound system multiple lounge areas, Phillip’s HUE lighting, Cafe/bar with reverse osmosis filtered water and dual tap kegerator, private phone room with room for five people and LED colored lighting, and more.


Traditional term creative private offices space includes tradition lease terms for executive office space, 24/7, 365 dedicated HVAC, small creative office space to full floor options, cafe/bar with reverse osmosis filtered water and dual tap kegerator, coffees, cold brew coffee and tea on tap, multiple common area lounge areas with SONOS sound system and Phillip’s HUE lighting, and more.


You will receive the comforts of home and cutting-edge technology in The Collection’s luxury coworking space. 


blank spaces coworking space

Blankspaces offers a variety of memberships including The WorkCafe membership.


This open seating membership includes wifi, coffee, tea, and snacks, access to WorkCafe at all other locations, member events and happy hours, discounted meeting rooms, access to printer and copier.


The next level of membership is the WorkStation. This dedicated desk membership includes all of the benefits of the WorkCafe plus an upgraded chair, 24/7 office access, lockable storage cabinet, electric sit/stand desks at select locations, and one hour per week free meeting room use with discounts off additional time.


The Private Office membership is the highest membership and it includes the benefits of the WorkStation membership and whiteboard walls, one hour per week meeting room time per person with a minimum of two hours per week, desks and other furnishings. These perks vary by location and availability.


Most of the locations are dog friendly and have bike racks and storage spaces for skateboards, keyless office entry, access to Bailiwik an online community for networking and goal -sharing, free snacks for your opinion from Morsel, phone booths, and outdoor patio area in some locations.


Blankspaces meeting rooms include room for up to eighteen people varying by location, conference phone by request, wifi and coffee, bulk pricing discounts, projector or big-screen television displays, conference tables with electrical outlets, and HDMI, Apple TV or Smart TV connection. 

Union Cowork

union coworking space la

Union Cowork offers three levels of membership. They have a Flex-Desk membership, a Semi-Private membership, and a Private Reserved Membership.


All memberships include 24/7 access by key FOB and a Space Manager available 9-5 Monday through Friday. The Flex-Desk membership includes coffee, beer , and Kombucha, all amenities plus ultra high-speed secure internet, four hours per month conference room access, use of community bike, neighborhood partner discount, and private phone rooms.


The Semi-Private membership level includes everything in the Flex-Desk membership plus two hours per week conference room access, a reserved desk, and access to Crash Business Dev group.


Private Reserved membership consists of everything in the Semi-Private membership plus fully enclosed offices with lockable doors, up to twelve hours of conference room access per month. The perks at Union Cowork include outdoor working environments, on site showers, bicycle parking, local craft beer, connecting sessions, dog friendly, phone booths, break rooms, and personal lockers.


Union cowork tries to source their electricity from renewable resources if available. They offer social and business development groups for their members and partner with select businesses in their neighborhood. 

Dots Space

dots space coworking la

Dots space provides a meeting area for entrepreneurs and freelancers. They have different membership levels including their Starter Space membership.


This membership includes open spots for three days a week, two hours of meeting room time per month, two yoga class sessions, and two hours of conference room space per month. The Cowork Space level includes 24/7 access, three yoga class sessions per month, 3 hours of meeting room time per month, and three hours of conference room space per month.


Dedicated Desk Space membership includes four yoga class sessions per month, eight hours of meeting room time, four hours of conference room space, and 24/7 access. Dedicated Desk Office membership includes six hours of conference room space per month, 24/7 access, twelve hours of meeting room time per month, and six yoga class sessions per month. dots space also has prive office space.


A one to three person private office includes 24/7 space access, nine hours of yoga classes, fair use of the meeting rooms, and sixteen hours of conference room space. A four to  six person private office includes eighteen hours of yoga classes, 24/7 space access, fair use of the meeting rooms, and thirty-two hours per month of conference room space.


A seven to nine person private office includes forty-eight hours of conference room space per month, fair use of the meeting rooms, 24/7 space access, and twenty-seven hours of yoga classes per month. At dots space they have many different amenities including fitness studio, massage table, strength and personal training classes, yoga classes, foosball, meditation room, fully stocked kitchen, ping pong tables, daily fruit and snacks, coffee and tea, indoor lounges, community manager, phone booths, outdoor lounges, casting room, podcast room, brainstorm room, dog friendly, and valet parking.


They also have live answering services, business and accounting concierge, technical consultant, mentors and advisors, virtual assistant, prime locations, printing, scanning and faxing, dedicated phone line, mail and package handling, and high speed internet.


Their meeting rooms include 42”and 55” Smart TVs and 1080p camera, cappuccinos, lattes, cold brew, espressos, drip coffee, tea, fruits, and snacks, Windows 10 machine, glass whiteboard, Apple TV and Google ChromeCast, and display port, HDMI, DVI, and VGA connections.

Ignited Spaces DTLA

ignited coworking space la

Ignited Spaces DTLA has many different membership levels. Its coworking levels include Flex Pass which gives you ten days per month of coworking during business hours Monday through Friday. Their Unlimited level gives your 24/7 access to the coworking space.


The VIP level gives you a dedicated desk in a VIP coworking office. You can customize your own space with personal decor. You receive a personal key card for access, a filing cabinet with a lock and key and all the benefits of the Unlimited plan. Amenities at Ignited Spaces DTLA include IT and Wifi, doffee, loose leaf teas, flexibility, parking, and wine on Wednesdays.


There are also fully managed suites at different locations. They are fully furnished with coffee, sparkling water machines, whiteboards, TVs, and daily snacks.


They also include comfortable, modern furniture, dedicated staff, daily cleaning, savory snacks, all building access, pain-free parking, wine Wednesdays, and convenient terms and billing. You will also receive discounts on event  spaces, beverage machines, hospitality and privacy.


Ignited Spaces also offers event spaces such as the Gallery, the Penthouse, and Pop-up spaces. 

The Muse Rooms

muse rooms coworking space la

The Muse Rooms has varied memberships including an Open Space membership. The Open Space membership has an access card, secure wifi, coffee, tea, snacks, discounted meeting rooms, discounted mail service, discounted printing.


The NoHo Arts District Open Space includes one week, Basic, and Ala Carte memberships. Basic membership allow five days per month access. With Ala Carte Membership you only pay for the days you use come in to The Muse Rooms.


The NoHo space has four phone booths, 24/7 access, and allows dogs. The Burbank Open space has One Week and Full Access memberships. The Full Access membership includes 24 hour access Monday through Friday at 5pm.


There are no weekend hours at the Burbank location but you can access the NOHo location Friday from 6pm through Sunday night. You will also receive three guest passes with the Full Access membership. You also receive member discounted boardroom rates, collaboration and phone calls in the open space, and dog access. There are Dedicated Desk membership in both the NOHO and Burbank locations.


This membership offers a comfortable chair, larger desk surface, lockable file cabinet, 24/7 access, discounted printing, discounted meeting rooms, free member events, secure wifi, dog access, and discounted virtual mail.There is also a Private Office membership available in both NOHO and Burbank.


These private offices come with all the benefits of membership. The NOHO Private Offices can accommodate up to 18 people. The lockable offices are accessible 24/7 and come with secure wifi, furnished or unfurnished, six hours of boardroom time per month, real walls, 200 black and white prints per month and discounted printing program, free tea and coffee, use of two kitchens.


Other possibilities include push pin board, glass door, private router, whiteboard, and window. The Burbank location Private Offices can accommodate up to 22 people and they include private full bath, private kitchens, courtyard, lockable doors, 24/7 access, plus all the other amenities that the NOHO location offered.


The Muse Rooms also offer professional mizers, snacks, guest passes, street parking, and USB charging. 

Indie Desk

indie coworking space la

The Indie Desk offers different levels of membership. You can be a Daily Visitor, have a Dedicated Desk, or a Shared Desk membership.


The Daily Visitor package includes daily or weekly membership to open areas. The Dedicated Desk package give your 24/7 access to a dedicated desk in a shared space or private office, conference room with 47” LCD TV, Apple TV and white board, super fast connection to the internet, and weekly events.


The Shared Desk is similar to the Dedicated Desk, but the Shared Desk is only available 9am-6pm Monday through Friday and has two hours of free conference room time. The Shared Desk Platinum level offers three hours of conference room time. 


The Dedicated Private Office membership has 24/7 access and mail service. The Team Space membership has a dedicated private office for up to four people with mail service and 24/7 access. Indie Desk also offers a remote package and a daily pass. 

Epiphany Space

epiphany coworking space la

Epiphany Space has the membership plan to meet your coworking needs. Weekly and daily plans include coworking from Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm.


It includes community work tables, work bar, free onsite parking, wifi, private courtyard, complimentary espresso, coffee, water, and tea. Other amenities include comfortable surroundings, quiet room, flexible workspace, and friendly people.


There are two coworking rooms, an editing suite, a library, a gallery, a corner office, a production office, two quiet coworking rooms, and a prayer room. The indoor rooms have central ac and beautiful natural lighting, and plenty of seating.


The Courtyard includes power outlets, extension cords, string lights, wifi, potted plants, portable shade, and sidewalk access.


The Prayer room includes a desk, retreat space, wifi, hardwood floors, eclectic decor, and a cozy meeting area. The Production office includes Graphic art, mini fridge, four desks, and a storage closet.


Epiphany space was designed for freelancers and artists who need a supportive space where they can escape isolation and thrive. You will interact, collaborate, lear, create, network, and grow in the Epiphany Space. 

The Hatchery

This is a coworking space dedicated to writers. The Hatchery offers classes and events, flexible access, discounts and perks, free coffee and tea, resources, and a supportive and diverse community.


There are different levels of part time and full time membership with perks including conference room time, access, printing, copying, and scanning, discounted and free access to events and classes, high speed wifi, and use of communal kitchens.


Other perks include discounts WriterDuet software, discounts on web and graphic design, local shopping discounts, and waffle Wednesdays. The workspaces are varied and interesting.


They have rooftop patios, industrial open spaces, a library, and bungalow lounge areas. There is also a Deadline room which has cubicle desks to help you focus in seclusion. The Hatchery also has a conference center where they hold classes and events.


It has a round handmade walnut table that seats up to twelve people and can be used as a workspace. 


industrious coworking space la

This coworking space has plenty of natural light and two membership levels. You can sign up for a community membership which includes flexible seating, dedicated desks, or a private office. You have a nationwide network and 24/7 building access.


Offices are also available for teams of up to nineteen including 24/7 building access, nationwide network, and fully-furnished with Herman Miller chairs. Amenities include color printing, mail and packaging, lounge and common area,daily breakfast and snacks, wellness room, cleaning supplies, phone booths, conference rooms, craft coffee and beverages, dog friendly, and event space. 


Industrious has eight convenient Los Angeles locations with some locations featuring concierge services and fitness centers. Industrious welcome small businesses, startups, and enterprise teams. 


wework coworking space la

WeWork has many locations in Los Angeles. They offer coworking spaces, private offices, and fully custom spaces.

Hot Desk membership guarantees you a deskspace in the common area. For an additional fee you can add on mail and package handling. You also receive business class printing and two credits a month towards booking conference rooms.


The Dedicated Desk membership features a permanent desk with your own monitor, filing cabinet, trash can, and chair, mail and package handling, business class printing, and five credits a month towards booking a conference room.


Flexible private offices include everything you get with a dedicated desk, but with privacy and security. Cleaning, IT,  mailroom services, kitchen restocking, events, and networking. Office suites are for teams of 25 or more.


They include conference rooms, private reception, phone booths, pantries, executive offices, high end AV, power access, and natural light. 

Cross Campus

Cross Campus has different membership options.


You can select the Campus membership which includes a la carte access to shared workspaces, business services, and meeting rooms. You will receive discounts from brand partners and access to the Cross Campus community.


The Hot Desk membership includes a 24/7 keycard, and ability to book spaces at other locations. The Private Desk/Office membership includes private furnished office, ergonomic task chairs, desks, 24/7 access.


There are five Los Angeles locations around the city. Different locations have different amenities including dog friendly, Kombucha tea, Lamill coffee, meditation rooms, showers, and conference rooms. 

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