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Denver is considered one of the best places when it comes to becoming a part of the coworking revolution. The city achieves the perfect balance between work and life and is ideal for entrepreneurs and founders seeking a place to nurture their dreams.

If you’ve been looking out for some amazing coworking spaces as an alternative to working in a coffee shop, Denver has some amazing spots that can keep you inspired and motivated in your everyday remote work.  We’ve shortlisted some of the city’s most exciting coworking hotspots. Whether you are a freelancer or a remote employee, you will certainly find these places great productivity boosters!

1. WeWork

wework coworking space denver

WeWork is a global network of coworking spaces that are specially crafted with a singular focus on boosting workplace productivity. WeWork is a favorite haunt of startup founders and enterprise employees who need a carefully curated space with excellent opportunities for networking with fellow professionals.

At WeWork, you get access to shared working spaces as well as dedicated hot desks and common areas. You can book meeting rooms as and when needed for conferences and presentations. WeWork can also help businesses with customizing partial or complete floors according to their specific business branding and organizational culture.

WeWork provides the guests free coffee and beer in addition to other specific requirements including package handling services.  They also host networking events. At the time of writing, WeWork has 10 workspaces in Denver all conveniently located throughout the city. It is the coworking space of choice for professionals hailing from the booming telecommunications, broadcast, IT, management, and healthcare industries in the city.

2. Modworks

modworks coworking space denver

Located in downtown, Modworks is an excellent option for those who seek flexibility in the membership plans when choosing a coworking space. While most workplaces can charge you by the day, month or annually, Modworks also provides hourly work passes which can come in handy when you need access to the workspace for only a limited time.

Modworks arranges complimentary food and beverages and will also provide you with free business printing and copying facilities. The company also features all-inclusive and fully-furnished workspaces. Some membership plans include unlimited conference room time and a high-speed fiber-optic network while others come with dedicated locker storage. The conference rooms are multimedia ready and can support seamless video conferencing.

3. Green Spaces

Green Spaces enables coworkers to minimize their carbon footprint in innovative ways. The company sources all materials responsibly and relies on solar power for its coworking spaces.

Guests can choose from dedicated office spaces, lounges, and pod desks. The workspaces come with 24×7 access, high-speed internet connectivity, and free coffee to keep you going. Each membership plan comes with a different conference room access time.

You can also bring your furry pal along and enjoy the yoga sessions to recharge and rejuvenate after an intense creative meeting.

4. Creative Density

creative density coworking space

If you’re one of those remote professionals who are bored with working alone at home, Creative Density might exactly be what you need. This Denver coworking space lets you work in a collaborative environment alongside tens of other professionals from diverse fields. It’s an amazing way to network with potential new clients, friends, and discover new opportunities.

Perhaps the (second) best thing about Creative Density is that you get access to free monitors when you subscribe to a membership plan. Most coworking spaces do not provide monitor facilities so this is certainly an important factor to consider when choosing a workspace. In addition, you also get WiFi connectivity, access to phone booths, and amazing coffee.

Creative Density is also completely flexible in terms of how you want your workspace to be. You could choose to have a regular office desk or a cozy sofa with a Netflix-enabled TV set. The possibilities are endless at Creative Density!

5. Cultivated Synergy

cultivated synergy coworking space

Cultivated Synergy believes in the power of communities to create a meaningful work experience. The company creates modern workspaces for people to work alongside their peers and industry veterans resulting in powerful learning experiences for everyone. At Cultivated Synergy, it is all about connecting with like-minded professionals to grow together.

The space also hosts events such as workshops, educational activities, and parties. Cultivated Synergy is known as a cannabis business-oriented workspace that also regularly schedules Yoga classes for its members.

6. Industrious Central Business District

industrious coworking denver

Fancy an office with spectacular mountain views? You can now have a great coworking space in Industrious where you’ll be greeted by stunning mountain views every day. Guests can enjoy incredible hot coffee along with delicious pastries.

Industrious also features dedicated suite spaces complete with conference rooms and private offices. The company has its offices in cities across the country which makes it a viable option for those venturing into new markets.

7. Neu

neu coworking space denver

Neu features event venues, conference rooms, and office spaces. There are several covered parking spaces. You will also get access to a super fast fiber-optic network. Guests can access their office spaces 24×7: these are also secured and fully serviced.

Neu provides color prints, phone booths, and community accessible balconies. The space also serves coffee and fresh snacks to the guests. Neu has a charming art gallery feel that will delight you and your clients and investors.

8. Shift Workspaces

shift coworking space denver

Shift provides shared coworking spaces, private offices, dedicated desks, and virtual offices as well. Members have 24×7 access to the space and can enjoy free coffee and beer as well. Shift attaches particular significance to workplace wellness and guests can use gym memberships, yoga classes, and meditation rooms on-site.

Another great thing about working at Shift is that you can opt for outdoor seating as well. The space is dog-friendly and the company also organizes camping trips for guests from time to time. With two conveniently located workspaces in Denver, Shift is a strong contender indeed in our list of the best Denver coworking spaces.

9. Galvanize

galvanize coworking space denver

Galvanize is a global community of tech professionals and with a downtown presence, provides members with much more than a simple coworking space. Guests can leverage the powerful network and mentorship opportunities at Galvanize to stay on top of their game.

You’ll immediately realize, the moment you enter Galvanize, that this is a tech-focused workspace. In fact, there are tech classrooms, software and data science bootcamps, and even an on-site restaurant for the members. The workspace features all modern amenities including 24×7 access, free printing facilities, internet connectivity, phone booths, bike storage, and a community kitchen.

10. Novel Coworking

novel coworking space denver

Novel Coworking caters to the needs of both startups and enterprises by providing dedicated desks, office suites, and shared spaces. There are plenty of outdoor cafes in the area so you could take a stroll or two to relax.

The spaces are all customizable and can be adjusted according to your specific business needs. A great thing about Novel Coworking is that they typically operate in refurbished spaces which enables them to offer lower membership rates and rents than their competitors. Those on a shoestring budget might find this an option worth considering.

11. Thrive Workplace

thrive work place coworking space denver

A ‘sophisticated’ community thrives at this Denver coworking space that also offers coffee and beer free of charge. Guests can enjoy high-speed WiFi access and use the on-site printing facilities to finish all tasks at hand.

Thrive Workplace allows members to freely move about, ‘roam’ as Thrive calls it, across the office locations and work in the most flexible manner possible. Each office site also hosts events, has happy hours, and monthly lunches.

The place features corporate event spaces, conference and meeting rooms as well as private and shared workspaces. Thrive Workplace is highly community-oriented and is known for its excellent customer service.

12. GRID Collaborative Workspaces

grid coworking space denver

GRID is located close to downtown Denver and offers virtual workspaces, meeting zones, private office suites, and coworking spaces, and event sites. The space is pet-friendly and has on-site parking facilities too.

GRID provides a complete office setup with printing and copying facilities. Besides coffee and tea, you get access to a fully-stocked kitchen and the shower rooms too. The company can also arrange a business phone number for its members.

13. Alchemy Creative Workspace

alchemy coworking space denver

At Alchemy Creative Workspace, it is all about ‘community chemistry’. The workspace offers plenty of natural light and features all modern office amenities. The place is pet-friendly and has fast internet connectivity too.

If you’re a startup founder or entrepreneur, you can rent one of the conference rooms for your next meeting to make a great impression on potential investors and clients. Alchemy provides various membership options that are budget-friendly.

14. Enterprise Coworking

enterprise coworking space denver

Enterprise Coworking has a number of private suite options to choose from. You can rent a 2 person private space or a larger one to accommodate a team of up to 50 members. There are also community event spaces and meeting rooms on-site.

You can also opt for a virtual membership plan that comes with a business mailbox and address. It is ideal for businesses where employees are mostly remote or travel frequently.

15. WorkAbility

workability coworking site

WorkAbility is one of the most affordable workspaces in Denver. It calls itself the workplace that also doubles up as an entertainment zone, event space, and workshop campus.

WorkAbility coworking spaces are pet-friendly and feature free yoga classes, smoothie stations, free workshops and events as well as free shuttles. In more ways than one, WorkAbility is more than just a coworking space: it actually builds a complete ecosystem for remote workers and freelancers.

The space also has conference rooms, phone booths, wired telephone lines, and printing facilities. WorkAbility also has an on-site community library for guests to relax and unwind after a long working day. WorkAbility also offers day passes for those who need it.

Final Words

It’s hardly a surprise Denver is home to so many coworking spaces considering that the city offers the perfect work-life balance and beautiful natural surroundings. Whether you’re a startup owner or a freelancer seeking a change of workplace, the best coworking spaces in Denver we highlighted in this article are sure to keep your productivity levels soaring.

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