Uptin Saiidi

Journalist & Video Creator 

| Uptin.co

Uptin Saiidi is a journalist and video creator who spent 10 years reporting for CNBC and MTV News. He’s lived in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, and now lives location independent.

In 2016, Uptin launched CNBC’s digital video team in Asia and personally created videos amassing more than 100 million views across Facebook and YouTube. He has hosted 4 documentaries which have aired globally on CNBC and played in-flight entertainment on United Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates and Cathay Pacific. Uptin has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders and interviewed Gary Vaynerchuck four times.

Uptin also consults for startups and companies to amplify their brand to investors, clients and journalists via his website Uptin.co

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