Morgan Legge

Morgan Legge

Morgan Legge

Director of Operations | Convert

At Convert, we follow a Holacracy framework. That means I don’t have a traditional “job title”—I take on roles. Here are a few roles I’ve taken on over the last 3 years, and the things I’m proud to have accomplished in them. CAPS indicate current roles.

We’re an 100% remote team. We work across 10 time zones. I keep us running.

Our team members are chosen without their age, nationality, sex, gender-identity, race, country of origin, or education level—being known to decision makers. It as a huge win for company values, and towards creating a team that’s aligned with those.

I can help you with things like…
-Landing the location-independent job of your geeky digital dreams (and saying “goodbye forever” to long commutes, and bad office coffee)
-Hiring the next star employee at your remote company (and keeping them happy, excited, and successful).
-Implementing Holacracy (and building a “managerial” structure that works for your company culture)
-Speaking at your next event (and getting the crowd so excited about new ways of working, you’d have thought I’d brought a t-shirt cannon).

I do….
-A hell of a lot of active listening (and then translating what I hear into “next steps” that’ll move the needle for company culture)
-Team building for remote organizations. (Minus the “trust falls” and hokey activities. Plus the actual trust, and company-wide transparency)
-The necessary “in the muck” work that makes a conscious business thrive, and a remote team feel like a community.

I care about…
-Building companies around their values—and using those values to attract and maintain diverse, capable, committed talent.
-Creating systems that make the tricky stuff (like onboarding, feedback-giving, communicating async)—go smoothly.
-Virtual tacos (and actual tacos)

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