Mohit Midha

CEO & Founder

Mohit Midha is the CEO and Founder of Hoogly, an AI-powered platform that helps distributed teams build culture and belonging. A second-time founder, Mohit believes technology is a source for social good, as long as it is built on a strong set of values that align with what’s actually good for end users.

His first venture,, used games to make learning mathematics fun for millions of students across 50 countries. The UK-based company had an 80-member globally distributed team that was acquired by a top German publisher. His second venture, Hoogly, aims to help fight the epidemic of loneliness across the world, motivated by his own lived experience of it after moving to a new country post his exit from Mangahigh. The Hoogly team is completely distributed, with key personnel spread across Australia, the Philippines, India, and Japan, and advisors in the U.S. and UK.

Mohit holds a Computer Science degree from the University of Sussex (UK) and an MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Private Equity from the London Business School. He currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where he balances his work commitments with being a husband and father to two boys, aged 8 and 3. Outside of work, he enjoys golf, closely follows cricket, and claims the title of a “ping pong superstar” within his circle.

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