Maren Kate

Founder & CEO 


Maren Kate is the co-founder of Zirtual, a BPO which had to fire 400 people due to exceeding the burn rate.

Zirtual is a startup that connects busy people with superhuman Zirtual assistants. For her entire career, Maren studied patterns of entrepreneurship and how to help busy people supercharge their productivity — whether they might be Fortune 500 executives and startup entrepreneurs or overwhelmed parents. The secret ingredient, she found, was a team of virtual assistants.

When Maren launched her own social marketing firm in Las Vegas, it was powered by offshore assistants and remote college students. During this venture, she also started the blog “Escaping the 9 to 5″ and began putting together the pieces of a startup, Zirtual, that would help others accomplish just that.

Learn from Maren’s experience on how to handle scaling a remote organisation. Maren will talk through the challenges she had experienced, and the steps taken to overcome them.

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