Marcie Murray

Marcie Murray

Director of Support

Marcie Murray is the Global Director of Support at Shopify. She joined Shopify in 2012 on the Guru team where she had the opportunity to speak to merchants everyday. Since that time she’s been an integral part in taking the Shopify Support team remote across Canada, Ireland and New Zealand. Marcie and her team collectively support all of Shopify’s merchants around the world across social channels, chats, phones and email.

Marcie has a homegrown spirit of entrepreneurship that developed early while helping her parents run their business. It is through that lens of the business owner that Marcie relentlessly pursues Shopify’s vision of world class quality and value for all merchants.

Shopify Support has been remote first, for the past 4 years. It grew from a small team of 20 remote employees in a city an hour from our headquarters, to a team of well over 1000 in 4 distinct countries around the world. It’s important to note as well that these are employees of Shopify, not outsourced support. Shopify Support is remote. It’s built into the DNA of every new member of their workforce, and has been a point of pride within the company that makes them different. “This difference is something that they are extremely proud of”, says Marcie.

Shopify has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, and it’s been a challenge for the remote support team to keep up with that pace. Marcie has been instrumental in the scaling of this global team to meet the demand of this growth and will be sharing that experience, as well as the challenges that come along with that scaling.

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