Khalid El Khatib

Khalid El Khatib

Khalid El Khatib

VP of Marketing and Communications | Stack Overflow

Khalid El Khatib is Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Stack Overflow, one of the 50 most popular websites in the world and with a SaaS collaboration tool, Stack Overflow for Teams, that helps companies share knowledge and communicate asynchronously. Stack Overflow has a rich history of a remote culture since its founding in 2008. Even before COVID-19 made Stack Overflow a 100% remote company, its Marketing team, which Khalid leads, was 60% remote.
Prior to Stack Overflow, Khalid led global, distributed teams at a consulting company and a WPP ad agency where he worked with a portfolio of clients that included TED, Xerox, and the Motion Picture Association. He started his career in communications at Teach For America, which was an early adopter of remote work, and where all of his managers over four years worked remotely, fostering an appreciation for the practice.

Khalid’s Talk at Running Remote Online – August 2020

Tools and Communication Tips When Working Remotely

In this presentation Khalid will share the tech stack that Stack Overflow uses to work remotely in order to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. He’ll also share communication tips for fostering collaboration, playing to your strengths, and protecting your work / life balance.



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