Jonathan Ronzio

Partner & CMO

Trainual helps fast-growing businesses and teams turn best practices into standard practices.
Jonathan Ronzio started building a production company with his brother Chris before either of them could drive. The two spent a decade growing one of the nation’s largest event video providers for amateur sporting competitions before selling it and moving on to separate ventures. Jonathan chased a seemingly crazy dream to the mountains and established himself as an outdoor adventure athlete and award-winning filmmaker/photographer, building a resume working with some of the outdoor industry’s leading brands on product launches, film projects, and marketing campaigns. He’s led teams on expeditions up some of the world’s tallest mountains, competed on season 1 of NBC’s Spartan Race, works with multiple non-profits in the adventure-philanthropy space, and hosts a popular weekly podcast called The Stokecast. In 2018, Jonathan and his brother Chris linked back up to launch a SaaS business called Trainual—a platform born out of Chris Ronzio’s consulting company which took aim at helping small businesses organize their training processes, systematize their operations and learn to scale faster. Today, Jonathan heads up marketing for Arizona-based Trainual from his farmhouse on Boston’s south shore, where he resides with his wife and two dogs.

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