Derek Gallimore

@Outsource Accelerator

Derek Gallimore has been involved in business since his first venture at 17. He has traveled extensively and lived in more than five countries. This blend of travel and business means that Derek Gallimore is very familiar with a wide variety of business models, work cultures and methodologies. Derek was introduced to outsourcing in 2011 when he needed a solution to a 24/7 staffing requirement, and simply could not afford the high labour costs of the ‘West’. Since 2011, Derek has become completely immersed in the world of outsourcing. He is now one of the industry’s biggest advocates. Derek founded Outsource Accelerator in response to the growing need for an independent source of outsourcing information and education. Outsourcing (otherwise known as offshoring or BPO), is a booming industry. The ‘West’ is outsourcing many of its roles to the developing countries of the world. This is happening at an increasing rate as technology facilitates faster transfer, with better interface across a broad range of applications. There is an unstoppable trend of this, as naturally, higher cost functions will seek out lower cost alternatives. This is a natural business imperative. Outsourcing is a positive phenomenon. It greatly benefits the developing countries that it utilises, and it is a huge economic boon for the developed countries that seek cheaper resource.

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