Andreas Klinger


| Remote First Capital

Andreas Klinger is an Investor at Remote First Capital. A group of remote founders, operators and early investors
investing in the next generation of remote work. By the community, for the community.  Remote First Capital looks for Startups that improve remote work and Startups that leverage remote work in a unique way.

Andreas is also known for his work with @AngelList. AngelList has over 1 Million candidates looking for remote roles and several thousand companies looking for global talent.

Previous to AngeList, Andreas was founding team member and CTO at ProductHunt and VP of Engineering at CoinList. He led the tech team at @ProductHunt (now part of AngelList). Andreas Klinger, currently Head of Remote HR at Angel List is going to give us a tactic heavy presentation on building an engineering team remotely. In his position at Product Hunt, he led the development team and he’s going to bring you through how he grew that team, what he learned from other startups and the framework you will need to do the same inside your own companies.

LIVE | Online | Montreal, CA | 2022


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