Speakers all editions

Allison Vendt
Global Head of Virtual First
Kate Barker
Future of Work Board Advisor
Mika Cross
Strategic Advisor and Workforce Transformation Strategist
Ryan Anderson
VP of Global Research & Insights
Dart Lindsley
Strategic Advisor, People Experience
Andrew Henderson
Mr. Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury
Lumry Family Associate Professor
Nick Bloom
Professor of Economics
Alina Jesien
Senior Director Human Resources
Joana Pais Afonso
Manager | Business Consulting | Human Capital
Maya Middlemiss
Writer & Podcaster
Mauro Guevala
Director of International Relations
Matthew Ragland
Josh Lee
Co-Founder & CEO
Jordan Carroll
Author of Remote for Life
Jen Rhymer
Research Partner
Jehan Noon
Co-Founder & CEO
Geoff Ainsworth
VP Engineering
Eimear Marrinan
Vice President Culture & ESG
Edward Dalton
Derek Gallimore
David Coallier
Cristian-Emanuel Anton
CEO & Founder
Connie Diaz
Director of Employee Experience

WEBINAR, 6 December 2023, 11am PT

Distributed Workplace Unboxed
16 enterprise leaders
Unveiling the Future of Flexible Work in 2-Minute Snapshots

Join us for a fast-paced and information-packed event where 16 enterprise leaders will share insights on overcoming the unique obstacles large organizations face transitioning to flexible work strategies.

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