2018 June Live

andrea loubier

Andrea Loubier

Andrea Loubier has been recognized as one of the thought leaders & top female entrepreneurs in South East Asia. She is passionate about women in

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Marit Martin

Marit is the co-founder and CEO of Hundred5, a candidate-screening software used by remote companies to discover whether the candidate has what it takes to do

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Reg Cheramy

Reg Cheramy is co-founder and CEO of Stormboard, a real-time online stickynote and whiteboard collaboration platform enabling remote teams to quickly capture more ideas and opportunities

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Trimikha Valentius

Trimikha Valentius

Trimikha is the Team Lead Developer at Ogilvy Australia, one of the largest advertising agencies in the world which has a remote team of 80+. He

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Stuart Jones

Founder of Coworkation, Stuart Jones is a person with a great energy and vision towards new ways of seeing the digital work of the modern

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James Sundance

James Sundance, founder of multiple companies, employs more than 400 worldwide, in Philippines and through platform outbounders.com He is currently working on Coravida: an Ecovillage

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Steve Munroe

HUBUD is one of Forbes’ top 10 co-working spaces on earth. Steve is Hubud’s prime schemer and evangelist for new ways of working, learning and living. He

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Justin Cooke

CMO/Founder at Empire Flippers and host of Empire Flippers podcast, Justin is the brand ambassador of the company. He’s also a digital nomad (i.e. homeless), but spends

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Sean Hodges

Sean is a senior software developer at TransferWise with an extensive background in Web and mobile technology. He has a passion for creative and modern product development,

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Indrek Pallo

Enterprise Estonia Singapore office fosters business relations between Estonia and Singapore, but also Malaysia and Indonesia. The special focus is on trading and export, but

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Joel Gascoigne

Joel Gascoigne

Joel Gascoigne is co-founder and CEO of Buffer , a social media software used by hundreds of thousands to plan their content in advance and help people have a greater

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Dmitriy Zaporozhets

Dmitriy Zaporozhets lives in Ukraine and cofounded Gitlab in 2011 with Sytse Sijbrandij to build open source tools to help teams of developers collaborate more easily

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