Ignacio and Asep

Ignacio Nieto & Asep Priandana

E-residents & Entrepreneurs

Ignacio Nieto Carvajal

Founder of Digital Leaves OÜ and Empresa En Estonia OÜ

Ignacio is a micropreneur and digital nomad, currently living in Kuching, Malaysia Asia. He is the founder of Digital LeavesYour Company In Estonia, and the blog Micropreneur Life. In addition, he is works as a senior freelance developer, composer, and frequent writer on the topic location independence and remote work.

Asep Bagja Priandana

Founder of Tanibox OÜ

Asep is an Indonesian entrepreneur who, after exiting from his successful digital marketing agency in 2017, founded the agriculture technology company Tanibox online in Estonia as an e-resident. Asep got the idea for the company after working with his wife to automate their home greenhouse with software and sensors.  The company is currently working remotely with team members and partners located in Indonesia, Lithuania and Hungary to develop its first product, a farm journal software called Tania.

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