Running Remote Online: This Isn’t like Anything You’ve Ever Seen in an Online Event!

“So, this is just a webinar?”

That is the number one question that we got with our last Running Remote Online event.

But calling Running Remote Online a webinar would be like calling The Great Wall of China a fence.

It is so much more.

Here’s just a taste of what’s going to happen at the Running Remote Online Event coming up on June 17-18.

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Incredible Lineup of Speakers


One of the things we’re most proud of is our incredible lineup of speakers.  

You see, unlike a traditional webinar, where a person drones on and on for an hour, we’re packing this event with 13 incredible speakers.

And unlike a pre recorded webinar, each session will be live and include a Q&A with the speaker.


Aaron Ross, CEO, Predictable Revenue

Aaron Ross is the co-author of From Impossible To Inevitable (with Jason Lemkin) and of Predictable Revenue (called the “Sales Bible of Silicon Valley”) about sales systems that helped, Twilio, Zuora and other companies create billions.

Sara Sutton, CEO, FlexJobs

FlexJobs is an award-winning, innovative career website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance and part-time job listings. In 2015 Sara also launched as a resource for organizations and workers to learn and share remote work best practices.

Tim Minahan, CMO & EVP, Citrix

Tim has a proactive role in helping to drive focused strategic initiatives and the company’s overall business strategy. In his talk, Tim will explain how to strategically create a world-class business model to offer and enable remote work, make employees happier and more productive, and attract and retain the talent you need to move your business forward. 

Job Van Der Voort, CEO, makes it possible to employ anyone, anywhere. Their mission is to simplify how companies employ the best talent globally, and help remote organizations do their best work.

Steli Efti, CEO,

Steli is Silicon Valley’s most prominent sales hustler, a YC alumni, advisor to several startups and entrepreneurs and the author of The Ultimate Startup Guide To Outbound Sales.

Maren Kate, CEO,

Maren is the co-founder of Zirtual, a BPO which had to fire 400 people due to exceeding the burn rate. Learn from Maren’s experience on how to handle scaling a remote organisation. Maren will talk through the challenges she has experienced, and the steps taken to overcome them.

Just to name a few. 

(Yeah, we’re name droppin cause we’re proud of our speaker lineup.)

Face to Face Networking


If you had attended one of our live Running Remote events, you would have had the opportunity to network face to face with other attendees.

In many respects, the networking is more beneficial than the actual content of the conference!

We wanted to include that with Running Remote Online.

When you’re in the event, you will be able to schedule one-on-one calls with other attendees.  That way you know you won’t double book a time slot.  

So not only can you “text” with other members who attend the conference, you can have a video chat with them as well.

This will allow you to truly get to know other entrepreneurs and business owners who are trying to build and scale remote companies.

Who knows what partnerships you’ll be able to reach to grow your business?

AI for Enhanced Networking

When you’re at a live conference, it can be difficult to find people with whom you share common traits with.

However, at Running Remote Online, we can match you up with people you’re most likely to hit it off with right away.

That’s because we use AI to match you up with other business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives who share common interests.

Filter to Search for Attendees and Speakers

Unlike a webinar where you’ll have access to just one speaker, at Running Remote Online you’ll have access to all 13 of them.

So if you have a question, you can simply find the speaker through the platform’s filtering system and ask them.

One of the things that we realized from our last online event is this is great for introverts.  Instead of getting up in the middle of the room and asking a question to 500 people, you can now ask your question privately.

Talk to Exhibitors Via Chat or Video

Yes, Running Remote online will have a virtual exhibition hall.  

Just like you can explore the booths at a real conference, you can come to our exhibition room and explore the virtual booths of some of the most popular remote work tools in the world.

Instead of going to a website that might have a live chat feature at the bottom, you’ll be able to talk with reps from these companies through video, making sure that the tool is exactly what you need to grow your remote business.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to get exclusive discounts offered only to Running Remote Attendees from every exhibitor.

Wanna see which ones?  

For starters, check out this page here and scroll to the sponsors section.

No Sales Pitch

Unlike a Webinar, I can promise you one thing.  There isn’t going to be a sales pitch from the Running Remote team.

We actually don’t have anything to sell!

You won’t be pressured to buy a course, or a software, or anything like that.  

Attend Running Remote Online

One of the biggest advantages of having an online event like this is it is easily accessible to everyone who wants to attend.

To attend our live events, you need to purchase a ticket, travel to the destination, pay for a hotel and everything else that goes with it.

But with Running Remote Online, you can simply open your laptop or phone, click on the link to the event, and watch it from your couch.

And unlike a live event, the entire event will be available for 2 months. So you will have until the middle of August to revisit the event to watch recordings and continue to network with attendees.

To attend Running Remote Online click here and we will see you on June 17th.

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