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6 Free Months of using remote team
Remote Team

RemoteTeam.com is an all-in-one HR management platform that incorporates all the necessary features for companies to better manage their employees. We are shaking up the HR industry by creating an innovate platform to fill the need of managing employees not only in the US, but all around the world. In our platform you have the ability to pay to 200+ countries, manage your documents, time-offs, reimbursements, inventory, global holidays and much more!

Now, save valuable time and money by handling everything in a centralized platform so you can focus that time and funds on the product you love.

Get Balsamiq Cloud free for 3 months

Founders, product managers, marketers, and developers have always had great product ideas, but no quick and easy way to express them.

Enter Balsamiq Wireframes. You just drag, drop, and position pre-made components on the screen. You’ll be amazed at the great UIs you’ll be able to create. Not sure where to start? We’ll teach you!

Bring your wireframes to your developers and see how quickly you’ll get on the same page. You can even test your designs with potential customers.

Balsamiq Wireframes is available on the web (balsamiq.cloud), as a Desktop app, or integrated with Google Drive, Confluence, and Jira.

Now with just-released brand new versions, it’s time give Balsamiq another look!

enjoy free international payments for your first month at payoneer

Payoneer lets you pay your remote workers their way, anywhere around the world.

Enjoy a free month of international payments to your remote team.

Get a $2,500 Recruiting Services Package with Your First Hire
Canadian Payroll Services

Canadian Payroll services connects global companies and remote talent through Employer of Record, Managed Payroll and HR Outsourcing. Hire a remote Canadian worker and receive a recruiting services bundle so that you can keep growing your team. 

You’ll get a branded employer page on our partner job board, Work the North, job post credits, and an opportunity report identifying where, when and how you should recruit in Canada.

Free access to Jamm - supercharge video collaboration and culture in your teams

Jamm takes the best parts of Zoom, Houseparty and TikTok to redesign video for work. Whether you want to share a morning coffee, record a product demo, or crush your colleague at Pictionary, Jamm’s 1-click video collaboration makes it easy to stay connected with your team. Features include video calling, recorded video stories, screen sharing, white boarding, a Slack integration, and more. 

Jamm adds personality to what is normally a scheduled, stuffy and, dare we say, boring experience. Running Remote attendees can get started today with a free account.

Get extended 90-day trial of Meetter

Meetter is a fundamentally new approach to synchronous communication for distributed teams. Meetings as we know them are the product of an environment that assumes workers are in the same physical location and have the same 9 to 5 schedule.

Meetter has transformed remote meetings to fit the modern distributed work culture.

Get Loop Team for Free
Loop Team

Loop Team is a virtual office that brings the best parts of working in an office to distributed teams to help them communicate faster, capture and disseminate face-to-face discussions, and stay more connected than ever.

For Running Remote Attendees, Loop Team can be tried for free. They are bringing paid to their app soon but you will be automatically upgraded to pro for free for at least the remainder of this year.

Get an unfair advantage for your venture for just $1 with Trends

Trends is where founders go to get an unfair advantage on their ventures. Do you want the market insights and network that will help grow your business like crazy? Get 14 days of access for just a buck.

FREE Delegation Assessment Strategy Call with Exec Wranglers
Exec Wranglers

Exec Wranglers Virtual & Executive Assistant Services was founded with the belief that when executives, entrepreneurs and businesses let go of the tasks that are saddling them, they are free to reach their full potential. 

Get your free consultation!

25% off Full-Day Facilitated Sessions at Max Traction

Max Traction will help you understand why your business isn’t growing and remove the barriers.

Get a discounted session as a Running Remote community member.

Complimentary Post-Conference Coaching Session with the Remote Pathways podcast

The Remote Pathways podcast explores the people, places and pathways to remote work. It is co-hosted and produced by Professional Coaches Jennifer Britton and Michelle Mullins. Schedule a complimentary 20 minute coaching conversation to discuss your insights from the conference and how you will be applying them.

Jennifer is the founder of Potentials Realized and as an author has written multiple books around group and team coaching, as well as remote work. Michelle is a Coach, Online Trainer and Mentor for Women Working Remotely. She enjoys partnering with business women, ministry leaders, virtual team leaders and work-at-home moms from around the globe. 

25% discount for Remote Health at SafetyWing
Safety Wing

Fully equipped SafetyWing health insurance works for your entire international team and independent remote workers. No exclusions for pandemics.

Offer is valid until September 30, 2020.

Receive 10% OFF Global Pass Credits

If you’re looking for a flexible workspace in your city, Coworker‘s Global Pass grants you frictionless access to thousands of spaces in 105 countries (and counting!)

Simply download the Coworker app and receive 10% off your coworking credits, which can be redeemed at any of the Global Pass locations. Once you’ve found your new favorite workspace, you can easily top up your credits later on for more days of coworking.

20% OFF to Track Your Remote Employees
Time Doctor

Time Doctor not only tracks time, but offers the ability to get time back. This allows businesses to empower their employees ultimately resulting in less lost time, money, and frustration. To help you track your employees and increase productivity, all Running Remote community members can receive 20% off for any company with over 20 users.

Free Content Strategy Session with Traveling with Kristin
Traveling with Kristin logo

Kristin is a viral writer, video creator, and podcaster whose work has been viewed millions of times. While you may know her from YouTube or Medium, Kristin also works behind-the-scenes with online businesses, helping remote companies, startups, and founders achieve their content marketing goals.

10% Lifetime Discount on Employee Productivity Monitoring Software

Measure and analyze your employees’ productivity without harming their privacy at a discounted price with Workpuls.

Bonus perk: the discount can be combined with their 20% discount on annual subscriptions. 

Better communication with your remote team with Krisp. 20% discount for a yearly plan.
Mute background noise in your Zoom, Meet, Teams (800+ other) conference calls with the Krisp app.
Special 20% discount for Running Remote community members.
Humanizing Remote Work - Get 3 months free trial of RootLo App

Remote work is taking the world by storm and presenting employers and employees with a unique set of challenges – maintaining team communication, preserving company culture and promoting productivity. 

RootLo App is a business friendly tool helping companies to manage their remote workforce, while giving back to their employees. With the RootLo App, managers are able to encourage team collaboration through customizable chat channels, employees are incentivized to be their most creative, efficient selves with local workspaces discounts, and SO much more.

Get a 3 month free trial.

$200 OFF a safari tour for a future booking

Coworking Safari is specially designed for professionals, start-ups, entrepreneurs and teams who can work remotely, whilst enjoying a South African safari adventure. This trip will take you from Cape Town through the Great Karoo desert to the exclusive private safari lodge, where you will spend five days out of your 14 night trip coworking & networking, with daily safaris, sightseeing and wellness scheduled around your working day. Before returning to Cape Town you will travel along South Africa’s famous Garden Route, spending one night in the private lodge footsteps from the beach to make sure you are energised and revitalised for your productive coworking in Cape Town with the local coworking community.

Get $200 off any future tour.

20% Discount on a 3-month coaching package to help you find your dream remote job
Dina Pyramid

Dina is the leading coach for digital nomads and aspiring creatives, change makers, and entrepreneurs in the digital nomad space. She has helped hundreds of people move towards their dream of being financially independent and travelling the world.

As a digital nomad herself, she has had many adventures. If you want to work with Dina, check out her website.

30% OFF ClickUp Unlimited Plan and 15% OFF Business Plan

ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolbar.

Minimum 30% discount from remote tools
remote tools logo

Remote.tools are offering a minimum 30% discount and rates decreased from $30-100 to $15-70 per hour, by waiving their commissions and also requesting discounted prices from their talent.