What is culture anyway?

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What to expect

Join us for an immersive session as we delve into the essence of organizational culture with Darcy Marie Mayfield, a distinguished Culture Architect.

In this workshop, you’ll gain insights into the advanced concepts such as culture’s ethereal nature and collective consciousness, learn how culture dynamically shifts and its profound impact every seven people, backed by research, and get practical strategies to define and codify it within your organization.

What you will learn:

  • ​Understand the core concept of culture

  • Learn how to define and codify culture within your organization

  • Acquire five practical exercises to breathe life into your unique culture in remote teams (excerpt from The S.H.I.F.T System)
​Darcy Marie Mayfield
Culture Architect
About the expert

​Darcy Marie Mayfield, a Culture Architect at “Shift with Darcy Marie” is a recognized leader in redefining remote work dynamics.

With over nine years of experience in leading profitable remote-first teams and pioneering academic research in remote culture codification, Darcy has collaborated with industry giants like Airbnb, TaxJar, and Stripe.

Currently, she focuses on assisting hospitality businesses and rural communities in attracting remote talent through culture architecture and experience design for economic development.

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