2023 Lisbon

Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore has been involved in business since his first venture at 17. He has traveled extensively and lived in more than five countries. This

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David Coallier

David Coallier is the CEO and co-founder of Clearword.com. As a serial entrepreneur with multiple exits and failures, David enjoys sharing stories about any aspect

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Cristian-Emanuel Anton

Cristian-Emanuel is the founder of MeetinVR, one of the world’s first and leading metaverse collaboration solutions. He is passionate and very hands-on with technology, art,

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Connie Diaz

Connie is Sr. Director, Employee Experience at G-P. With over 15 years of experience in the talent optimization space, Connie has expertise from various industries

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Ariel Camus

Ariel Camus is the founder and CEO of Microverse, a school that trains software engineers worldwide and connects them with life-changing international opportunities. Most importantly,

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Andrea Carlon

Andrea Carlon is Director of Business Development at Lano, a Berlin based Startup offering a platform for remote work and global payroll. She has extensive

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Alina Gonzalez

Alina Gonzalez is a certified public accountant with a Master’s degree in Public Policy who discovered a passion for the tourism industry six years ago.

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Adam Nathan

After spending time at some of the most complex organizations and companies in the world (White House, Apple, Lyft) Adam realized he was spending more

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Nadia Alaee

Nadia Alaee leads the HR Business Partnership team at Deel. Nadia and her team develop deep partnerships with Deel’s leaders to support, engage and grow

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