2022 Montreal

Kaylie Boogaerts

Kaylie has spent the past 6 years helping business owners build productive world-class remote teams and implement efficient processes by: – Developing a stellar hiring,

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Lavinia Iosub

Lavinia has spent the last ~10 years becoming an expert in the mindset, practices and tools to make that happen and she is always excited

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Jean Hsu

Jean Hsu is the Vice President of Engineering at Range. Prior to Range, she built product and engineering teams at Google, Pulse, and Medium, and

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Bruno Cunha

Bruno Guerra Cunha is a self-starter operator who spent the last 7 years building partnerships in startups from Seed to Series D. He started working

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Allen C. Koski

Allen has been actively involved in developing and supporting international healthcare, global wellness, dental, disability and travel medical plans for multinational employers ranging from the

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Drew Calin

Drew was born and raised in Los Angeles, but has spent the past decade living and working Asia. His entire career has centered on commercial

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Nacho Rodriguez

As CEO and Founder of Repeople, Nacho has been actively involved in the design and implementation of a strategy that positions the Canary Islands as

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Tyler Sellhorn

Once, Tyler was a technology-oriented teacher; now, he’s a teaching-oriented technologist. Tyler Sellhorn is the Head of Remote at Polygon Technology where he is helping

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Jennifer Dennard

Jennifer Dennard is the Founder and COO of workplace collaboration software company, Range. Global teams at Twitter, New Relic, CircleCI, and more keep their teams

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Lila MacLellan

Lila MacLellan is a reporter for Quartz, a global business news site. She covers the workplace, leadership, and management topics for Quartz at Work. Her

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