Tyler Sellhorn

Head of Remote

Once, Tyler was a technology-oriented teacher; now, he’s a teaching-oriented technologist. Tyler Sellhorn is the Head of Remote at Polygon Technology where he is helping to build and showcase THE decentralized workplace creating THE platform for decentralized applications.

Tyler is the proprietor of HeadOfRemote.xyz which serves as a directory of Heads of Remote (and equivalent title holders) and resources for leading remote-first organizations. Tyler is an advocate for remote-first workplaces broadly including serving as the host of “The Remote Show” podcast from We Work Remotely.

Tyler loves #LearningOutLoud with others. Tyler proudly hails from the 140th metropolitan area in the United States, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne was formerly known as “Kekionga” to the Native Americans that originally settled the region. He is grateful that remote work enables him to prioritize his non-professional identities…

– Spouse

– Parent

– Youth Sports Coach

– Faith Community Member

– And Remote Work Advocate

…before being a worker.

In fact, his professional identity is in service to those other identities. Tyler identifies professionally as an enthusiastic, empathetic educator with a passion for leveraging technology to help others become their best selves.

Check out all of Tyler’s stuff at https://tsell.link

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