Tom Moran

Tom Moran

Chief Strategy Officer

Tom Moran is an executive leader responsible for developing, communicating, executing and sustaining corporate initiatives at Prodoscore. People are at the epicenter of all essential strategy.

Prodoscore is defining a new category of technology for the future of work, driving business value through productivity intelligence. Tom is passionate about encouraging organizational agility with digital transformation strategies to empower leaders and enhance employee growth. Working closely with digitally distraught and digitally determined teams, a more streamlined employee experience can be assured with effective business continuity plans that are enabled through technology innovation.

Embracing a distributed workforce model will provide employees with the best opportunity to contribute in an environment of their choice. While ensuring the strongest outcomes remains fundamentally important, our future of work holds immense human and technological interdependencies for virtual collaboration, creativity and individual productivity. Data is a powerful element when properly balanced with people skills, good judgement and ability for proper execution on actionable insights.

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