Sergey Mitrofanov

@Mitrofanov & Partners

Founder and senior brand strategist consultant of MITROFÁNOV & PARTNERS Brand Strategy Advisors (The Flow Collective member company) and Strategic Development Director at Pulsar Venture Capital.

International expert in brand strategy, organization development and relationship marketing. Sergei has an over 25 years experience in strategic marketing, branding and business development. His clients’ portfolio includes: Gazpromneft, Tbilisi, Veliky Ustug – Ded Moroz hometown, Norilsk, Saint-Petersburg, Bistroff (Nestlé), Rostelecom, Inmarko (Unilever), The University of Tomsk, Net Jets, ASCONA,, VORTEX, AWT group, etc. Since 2006 he is active member of the Medinge Group branding think tank.

Sergei has engineering and economical education and Executive MBA diploma from Stockholm School of Economics. During last ten years he has coaching hi-tech stat-ups in marketing, customer development and growth strategy.

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