peter lang

Peter Lang

Partner & CEO
@Uhuru Network

Peter is a champion of remote work and driving employee-friendly operational excellence, which he’s implemented as co-founder/CEO of Uhuru Network and Uhuru Talent Network, a fully distributed digital marketing agency, and owner of his multiple businesses. He is known for inspiring people to not only achieve excellence but to create a digital understanding that will aid in their professional development. He covers topics from the high-level strategy down to the step-by-step tactical actions.

By attending Peter’s session, you will walk away with the tools needed to run a more effective and efficient remote operation. You’ll learn the concepts and tactics to improve one of the most critical aspects of your remote workforce. If you are currently overwhelmed with an ever-expanding distributed workforce, you will learn how to take control and achieve execution excellence by taking a bite-sized approach to operational success. The skills you learn in this talk not only apply to your work or business but to your life as well.

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