Paul Estes

Paul Estes


Paul Estes is an unstoppable advocate for the Talent Economy who is dedicated to creating opportunity for everyone, reskilling by doing, and bringing diversity to our work. For 20 years, Paul struggled to balance his home life with fast-moving leadership roles at Dell, Amazon, and Microsoft, where he led a team of progressive HR, procurement, and legal trailblazers to launch Microsoft’s Gig Economy freelance program. Hiring his first virtual assistant transformed the way he lived and worked.

He’s relentlessly curious, energetic, and passionate about inspiring others to embrace their potential in the future of work. Because of the unprecedented access and connectivity afforded by technology, Paul believes every person can re-imagine what is possible, reclaim time, grow, and realize the skills for a better future.

Paul is the Editor-in-chief of by Toptal, a destination dedicated to driving a conversation through expert-driven content and thought leadership. is a centralizing force for understanding the dynamic future within the rise of remote work, the expansion of the freelance economy, and the future of staffing. Paul is the former host of the Gig Mindset podcast and current host of The Talent Economy podcast (the official podcast of

Each week, Paul provides insights and perspective to over 50,000 readers of his LinkedIn newsletter, and he frequently shares his insights as a speaker and panelist. He has 9 pending patents in content and collaboration related to the on-demand economy. His much-anticipated book Gig Mindset is set to publish in January 2020.

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