Nataniel Orea

Co-founder & CEO
@Coworking Nest

A social entrepreneur, focused on AI, machine learning and big data Ventures, he is the Co-Founder of Coworking Nest, the 1st solar powered coworking space in Mexico.

A consultant for the Quintana Roo State Technology and Innovation Institute, as well as a strategic creator of social and economic development programs for the State’s social development secretary. He also serves as President for the Tech Tourism Association Mexico (TTAMEX).

NAT is also involved in Venture Capital investment. As an investor and account analyst deeply rooted in coworking culture, Nataniel and his cherished co-creators developed the 1st Mexican coworking association representing spaces from all over the country highlighting important opportunities for Mexican education and entrepreneurship.

As an expert on coworking, he also consults with Agora RDM on space management and design.

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