Morgan Legge

Morgan Legge

Head of Organizational Change

Meet Morgan, the Head of Organizational Change at, a leader in privacy-focused A/B testing tools.

Morgan is a people’s leader. She understands the nuances of hierarchy and can accelerate a team to a self-organized unit. At Convert she’s fearlessly taken a micromanaged hierarchy and transformed it into a self-organized conscious business via Holacracy. 100% remote, 100% asynchronous, in 20 countries.

Professionals from China, Mexico, India, Jordan, The Philippines, and beyond have been coached by her unique mix of humor, motivation, directness, and insight into human behavior and workplace culture.

Her unique approach to leadership coaching is the convergence of Motivational Interviewing techniques, Active Listening, Radical Candor™, and The Coaching Habit™ Resulting in a unique conscious leadership that resonates at all levels.

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