Molood Ceccarelli

Molood Ceccarelli

Founder & CEO
@Remote Forever

Molood Ceccarelli is often referred to as the queen of remote work, is the CEO and founder of Remote Forever where she coaches distributed companies to adopt agile ways of working and helps agile companies to embrace remote work.

She has a background in computer security and software development, a passion for agile coaching and human psychology and a love of traveling and working remotely.

She is also the founder and host of the famous Remote Forever Summit, the first online summit about distributed agile that attracts over 3000 attendees from around the world every year.

Molood has been part of the scaling and agile journey of a few geographically distributed organizations across various industries such as Telecom, Gaming, Fin-Tech, Insurance and even BlockChain and AI.

Her newest book on how to be agile remotely, is due to be published in 2020. Some of her writing on the topics of agile have been featured on Scrum Alliance, Happy Melly, Huffington Post and

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