Marcela Fernandez

Employer Brand Ambassador

Marcela Fernandez is the employer brand Ambassador of Selina – one of the world’s top startups serving the rapidly growing Digital Nomad Community.

She dropped out of school to pursue an alternative education path and her dream to use the world as a classroom.

She is an ambitious entrepreneur that fell in love of Selina’s concept to expand worldwide while revolutionizing the future of work, hospitality and tourism.

She is a globetrotter and has visited 67 countries. She can speak 5 languages.

Marcela is a –

  • Tedx speaker, flow consultant
  • Founder of ON BOARD learning journeys.
  • Founder of PAZabordo, la chiva de la Paz.
  • Founder of paisajiando Medellin walking tours.
  • Founder of nomadfamily.
Selina’s Mission:
To inspire authentic meaningful connections with people, places and communities around the world.
Selina’s Vision:
Through the curation of inspiring physical spaces, the development of a dynamic platform and creation of a holistic stay, work and live products – we provide our guests with seamless global access and fully enable their nomadic lifestyles.

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