Jonathan Wallace

Jonathan Wallace

Investment Director
@Expert DOJO

Expert DOJO is the most active international early-stage startup accelerator in Southern California. Since 2018, they have invested in over 100 startups to accelerate their growth. They invest $100,000 in each of their startups and help them get traction and scale faster than they could ever do by themselves.

Expert DOJO typically invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups that have a product, a go to market strategy and a potential for high growth. Most of their startups are minority and female founded technology companies. However, they remain industry agnostic and invest in founders from all over the world and from diverse backgrounds.

Jonathan Wallace joined Expert DOJO upon its inception as an investment analyst. Over the course of the next three years, he established relationships with some of the largest venture capital funds in the world and helped dozens of startups raise investment.

Jonathan is now the investment director for Expert DOJO and is responsible for sourcing the companies into the program, performing due diligence, and overseeing all follow-up on investments.

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