James Sundance


James Sundance, founder of multiple companies, employs more than 400 worldwide, in Philippines and through platform outbounders.com

He is currently working on Coravida: an Ecovillage network that enables people to go back to healthier and happier ways of living.

James is an expert on mindfulness meditation. He maintains sanity through meditation, exercise, reading and writing. Join James in a mindfulness meditation session built specifically to reduce stress in remote teams.

The health benefits of meditation are becoming more well known , but the financial and productivity benefits are just being realized as some of the greatest business minds in the world experiment with the balance of both meditation and building a successful business.

By taking a little time each day to slow the mind down, record key ideas and come from a more zoomed out perspective you give your most valuable and leveraged piece of technology: your brain, the ability to run at its most optimum level. The results of a truly productive mind are only limited by your beliefs and imagination!

There are two possible meditations we can do today depending on space and everyone’s general mood

1- Is a very relaxing meditation that takes you deep into your own being .. it strengthens focus and awareness, relaxes the body and sets the stage for visualizing or lucid dreaming. Its best with an hour of time to deepen relaxation but it can be shortened / demonstrated in the time alotted. Its best to be able to lay down while doing this one but sitting is okay.

2- The other meditation is a Sundance ACTIVE Meditation .. it combines vigorous heart pumping activity with a pause into deeper meditation .. oscillating between active and pausing can help match and then slow down the body and mind especially in these faster paced times. Its best to have room to jump and dance and lay down.

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