Davit Baghdasaryan

Davit Baghdasaryan

Co-Founder & CEO
Davit is the CEO & Co-Founder at Krisp.ai.
Krisp is best known for its AI-powered noise cancelling app that works with Zoom, Teams, Meet, Loom and 1000+ other apps. Before Krisp, Davit was the head of product security at Twilio. Davit co-founded Krisp in 2018 with a mission to enable people to better express themselves in their daily voice and video interactions.
Remote work is possible because of the amazing tools that have emerged in the last decade (Zoom, Slack, Loom, etc). While the remote work is growing tremendously new tools will make this transformation faster and smoother.
As someone who worked and lived in different places in the world, he recognizes there is a big gap in communication skills throughout the world and it’s one of the greatest barriers for making people successful in the new era of remote work. By fixing this gap with technology, he believes that, we will make a leap towards the dream of making Remote Work ubiquitous in the world.
Davit was born and raised in Armenia and then moved to US and lived in the Bay Area for 10 years. Currently he is  back in Armenia and running a company of 70 people distributed globally.

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