Casey Fenton


More than 20 years ago, Casey Fenton gave himself an objective; to hack his own destiny. He dreamed of having a positive impact on the world, but how does one person from a small town in Maine create real change?

As an introvert turned omnivert, and programmer, Casey Fenton explored the intersection of humanity and technology which resulted in him founding Couchsurfing, the world’s greatest trust experiment, and growing the platform to more than 20 million members.

Casey Fenton is passionate about bringing people together and creating win-win systems where game mechanics work out such ways that everybody gets more. In 2010, he was elected to the Ashoka Fellowship for contributing new ideas for improving human well-being. in

Most recently he has founded Upstock, a bold replacement for the antiquated legacy equity systems that provides Fortune 1000 equity for all businesses. Upstock delivers on equity’s true promise of helping companies dramatically improve worker attraction, motivation and retention, often doubling or tripling.

Casey Fenton continues his work with helping humanity solve some of the non-obvious problems of today by teaching others how to hack their egos and thereby destiny and become the people they aspire to be and not just dream of being.

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