Ariel Camus

Founder & CEO

Ariel Camus is the founder and CEO of Microverse, a school that trains software engineers worldwide and connects them with life-changing international opportunities. Most importantly, students don’t pay anything until they land a high-paying remote job. Previously, Ariel founded TouristEye, a travel startup that Lonely Planet acquired in 2013. Ariel grew up in Argentina, went to school in Europe, built a business in San Francisco, taught in Africa, and lived in Asia. He’s now based in Barcelona, Spain. In his life’s journey, Ariel has seen that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Nowadays, the Internet makes it possible for anyone to connect with global jobs regardless of where they were born or live. However, paying for a great education is incredibly difficult for most people.

Ariel started Microverse to change that. His vision is that the place where people are born shouldn’t determine their opportunities in life. Ariel has been working remotely since 2012 and has been managing remote teams since 2014. Ariel has raised $20M+ in venture capital for Microverse from world-class investors like Y Combinator, General Catalyst, and Northzone. Currently, the company has an all-remote team of 70 people from more than 25 countries across the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Ariel and his team have been incredibly intentional about their multicultural and remote working culture from day one. Inspired by GitLab’s Team Handbook and the book “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer, Microverse’s was born in 2019 and built upon three pillars: autonomy, trust, and transparency. To achieve that, the Microverse team works in a highly-asynchronous way across the world, prides itself on its world-class documentation, and embraces two core principles: assuming the best intentions from others, and always asking for forgiveness rather than permission.

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